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Mikasa Doors Visualiser

Mikasa Doors offers premium quality teak wood door designs that blend seamlessly in every decor and style preference. Taking an innovative approach to the door and door frame design and manufacturing of engineered wooden doors and doorsets, we ensure every product we offer bears our legacy of impeccable craftsmanship. We leave no stone unturned to offer superlative quality engineered wooden doors without making you break the bank. Use our innovative visualizer tool to try out different surfacing options in our designer wooden door catalogue before placing an order for your doorset, and make sure you get the perfect match complementing your decor.

Different Surfacing Options for Different Style Preferences

Mikasa Doors are available in a large number of wooden door and door frame design options comprising a variety of premium laminates from Greenlam Laminates, real wood veneers from Decowood and paint finishes in any color you can think of. Moreover, you can choose these finishing options for the door frames as well to complement your door leaf.

While the high quality decorative veneer gives you an abundance of fine choices, these doors are pre-polished in the factory using UV process which ensures uniformity and longevity. On the other hand, the decorative laminate opens up to another amazing world of style. Take your pick from unique wood patterns, solid colors, metallic finishes and textures in our door catalogue.

Need Help? Speak with our Wood Door Expert!

We, at Mikasa, are committed to ensuring that every Door we offer not only meets your style and quality requirements, but also complements your decor. While you can always check out our door catalogue for the various wooden door frame design and finishing options and use our visualizer to discover what's best for you, should you need an expert advice, we will be happy to help. We can work with you throughout the door and frame design process to capture your door frame design and style preferences and make sure the final product is precisely aligned with your prerequisites

For more information, download the Mikasa doors brochure.

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