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Mikasa Doors brings to you a range of fire rated doors and accessories that are engineered to form a reliable part of your overall fire protection system. We deploy years of experience & expertise coupled with superior quality raw materials to give you fire rated doors you can count on. Mikasa Fire rated door set is a complete component designed and tested as a whole. It comprises a door leaf pre-hung in a frame, with fire and smoke seals, ironmongery and glazing fitted, and generally fully finished. These pre-hung, fully certified fire doors & doorsets offer the highest level of protection to occupants, by ensuring the perfect fit every time & guaranteed to pass all fire safety regulations when installed as per Mikasa’s guidelines. Our commercial fire rated doors are especially manufactured to retard the spread of fire and fumes through different sections of a building, giving the occupants enough time to get to safety.

Why Mikasa Fire Rated Doors?

Mikasa fire rated doors & door sets are India's only true fire rated doorsets certified by IPIRTI, CBRI & other leading govt. bodies and meeting BS 476 Part 22, BM Trada and Q-Mark certifications for fire safety. Mikasa's cutting-edge production facilities, fueled by a team of seasoned research and development professionals, enables us to manufacture world-class fire rated doorsets that come under different performance ratings. Our fire doors are supplied as an integrated performance system complete with Door Leaf, Frame and necessary Ironmongery which are all fully certified.

Fire Rated Doorsets
Fire Resistant Doors and Accessories


Mikasa fire doors & door sets are available in the options of FD30, FD60, FD90 and FD120 with resistance of 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes, respectively.

The door core is a high performance solid particle core with density in the range of 600 - 850 kg/m3 while the frame density is more than 640 kg/m3. The door frame is made using high density hardwood or LVL core depending upon the desired fire rating and are pre-matched with the doors at the time of manufacturing, ensuring you get simply flawless fit and finish. Intumescent strips are attached to all sides of the frame to seal the gap between the door and frame to prevent the spread of fire and smoke. To ensure complete fire protection, Mikasa fire resistant doors and accessories are also fully certified and fire safe.

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Mikasa fire rated doors and accessories not only give your commercial or residential property superb functionality, they also add to the aesthetic appeal of your property. If you are looking for high-quality, cost-effective fire resistant doors and accessories, look no further than Mikasa. Our fire rated doors & doorsets come with all needed accessories, making for easy and flawless installation. Talk to us today to discuss your requirements and our experts will be happy to help you make the right pick. You can reach us by email at or send us a message

Residential Fire Rated Doors and Accessories

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