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Short for Durability, these designer doors stand the test of time. Door Design, that is a function of 5 layers of tubular core and a 6-side protection that shields the doors from the hostile weather makes them apt for both, residential and commercial ecosystems. These made for any space durable doors will fit perfectly in your space, and your pocket.


The decorative veneer and designer laminated doors & doorsets come with a warranty of 10 years against manufacturing defects like Delamination, Warpage, and Bubble. These veneer / laminated doors are eco-friendly, manufactured from 100% renewable and sustainable wood sourced from Agro-forestry plantation. These trees have a life cycle of 3-4 years and cause no depletion of forest cover area.





Long life

A strong and durable veneer / laminated door design collection made from Highly stable & moisture resistant core. The blend of this modern material and technology imparts long life and moisture resistance to both the veneer and laminated doors design and accessories. Not only that, this advanced core material also prevents the expansion or contraction of your doorset.


All Weather Doors

Varying weather conditions can be brutal, to keep up with the vagaries of the weather, Mikasa Dura Laminated Doors and Frames have a comprehensive 6 side protection and provides high impact resistance. This shields the door set against temperature and weather variations and prevents bending, bowing and moisture ingress.


Termite & Borer Resistant

The doorset is as durable as it is aesthetically appealing. The Engineered Tubular and MDF core makes these laminated doors & doorset way less susceptible to termite attack resulting into a longer life.


Easy Maintenance

The smooth laminate surface of the Laminated door & doorsets makes it easy to clean and maintain.


Indoor Air Quality

The MDF core used in the frame complies to E1 emission standards resulting into a better indoor air quality. Thus, better for both people and planet.



A Look That Speaks Only Beauty

Our state of art manufacturing processes follow latest European practices. This leads to rich colour, lustre, superior aesthetics, excellent fit, and finish. Unlike traditional doors which have to be finished on site for the door and frame to match, Dura Laminated doors & doorsets come factory finished with matching look.



Doorsets That Are High On Freedom

Mikasa Doors & Frames are factory finished, made to fit, and don't require resizing.Mikasa also gives you the power of customizing your doorsets, be it in terms of size,preference, or colour palette. The exhaustive range of laminates to choose from makes these laminated doors & doorsets fit for your varying needs.

Dura Construction

Weather Resistant Wooden Doors for Home


Durable door leaf with complete laminated finish

Door Leaf

The door leaf is made of a high-performance tubular core with LVL stile & rail, a matching edge banding on all four sides, and a complete laminated finish. This results in a comprehensive 6-side protection shielding the door against hostile weather conditions. The laminated doors & doorsets are pretested for durability with respect to static torsion and soft & heavy body impact. It is available in thicknesses of 38mm and 44mm.

Door Frame

The designer laminated door frame is made up of HMR Grade MDF core which complies to E1 emission standards. It carries a matching laminate surface and edge banding similar to the door leaf, thus giving a coordinated look to your vision. Available in thickness of 45mm including the door stopper. The width is customizable from 90mm and above.

HMR Grade MDF core door frame
Laminated Dura Door's  Architrave


The architrave is used to further enhance the look of the doorset which covers the gap between the wall and the frame. It is also made up of a laminated & edge banded HMR Grade MDF core and is of size 50mm x 10mm. The thickness can be customized as per your design needs.

Acoustic Strip

Dura laminated doors & doorsets feature a unique acoustic strip - a strip between the door and the frame which protects the door from the damage during shutting and cushions it to reduce wear and tear of the door. This acoustic strip also adds to the sound dampening properties of the laminated door.

Dura Doors Unique Acoustic Strip
Dura Doors Ironmongery - Hinges & Locks


All Mikasa hardware is of premium quality. Advanced CNC machinery recesses ironmongery like hinges & locks to meet Mikasa's quality standards.

Welcome Imagination

We understand how painstakingly you finalise each element in your d├ęcor. You scrutinise every shade and texture before you let any piece of fabric or furnishing enter your room. Now take control of how your laminated doors & doorsets design would look by opting from a wide palette of colours, laminate options, surfacing and ironmongery to complement the aesthetics of your ambience. Just share all your specifications with us and get ready to fall in love with your custom made door.

124 Mysore Ivory laminated dura doors

124 Mysore Ivory

261 DARK GREY laminated doors & doorsets

261 Dark Grey

608 American Walnut laminated dura doors design

608 American Walnut

683 Golden Maple laminated doors & doorsets

683 Golden Maple

731 Wenge laminated dura doors design

731 Wenge

745 Java Antique laminated doors & doorsets

745 Java Antique

749 Sapele laminated dura doors design

749 Sapele

766 Rich Walnut laminated doors & doorsets

766 Rich Walnut

791 Milwakee Walnut laminated dura doors design

791 Milwakee Walnut

5076 Primeval Oak laminated doors & doorsets

5076 Primeval Oak

5329 Crest OAK laminated dura doors design

5329 Crest OAK

5334 Canyon Walnut laminated doors & doorsets

5334 Canyon Walnut

5337 Malay Teak laminated dura doors design

5337 Malay Teak

Arizona_oak-5530 laminated doors & doorsets with SUD finish

Arizona Oak 5530 Sud

Hampshire oak 5520 laminated dura doors design with SUD finish

Hampshire Oak 5520 Sud

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