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Door Leaf Core

The core material used for construction of door leaf is high performance Solid Core Filler made up of Triple Layer Density Particle Board imported from Germany and has dual core layers of high density wood chips. The core is Pre-tested for fabrication of Fire Doors & for durability with respect to Static Torsion, Soft & Heavy Body impact, Slamming Shut & Open, closure against obstruction, Resistance to Jarring & Vibration, Operating forces & Cycling.

Frame Core

Mikasa offers frames with various core options so as to make them suitable for fire rated and non fired rated applications. In case of fire rated doors, frames are made using High density hardwood to match the Fire Rating of the door. Intumescent strips rebated onto all 3 sides of the door frame which expand to seal the gap between the door and frame to prevent the spread of fire and smoke.

  • Rebated Frames- Rebated frames are made using solid hardwood and are available in Sapele/African teak/Steam Beech or Malaysian Hardwood species

  • Engineered Frames- Engineered frame is made out of LVL/Fingerjointed hardwood and are available in Meranti/Steam Beech/Malaysian Hardwood species. These consist of a frame with stopper . Door stopper is also made from matching timber and is 15mm thick. It is positioned so that head of the anchor bolts is covered.

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