Wood Doorsets: Safety You Need, Beauty You Desire

Engineered wooden doors sets in India from Mikasa Doors

When you’re planning a residential or commercial project, or need to upgrade an existing structure, it goes without saying that you would want the property to make a great impression. Though there is no dearth of options, no matter whether you are looking for fire rated or non fire rated doorsets, taking your pick can be confusing. That is the reason why, in this blog, we present an overview of the things to consider when buying wood doorsets. Read on.

Selecting a Type

During your search for the perfect doors, you may find some natural-wood doors that have been treated with specific chemicals to give them a 20-minute fire rating (or even longer). You’ll also discover that engineered-wood doors can offer much longer safety ratings – as much as 120 minutes. The key difference is in the construction process. But don’t be misled by thinking that opting for engineered-wood doors means you have to compromise on the appearance or quality. These doors are made from the same wood species as other timber products and their manufacturing process includes a specific focus on appearance and durability.

Doors and Doorsets

When you visit the website of a leading provider of high-quality doors, look closely at both the type of door, the specific type of finish, and whether you want to invest in complete doorsets. This last item means you get all the necessary accessories, and your door unit is ready to be installed. The complete doorset is a natural progression over the carpentry methods where the door and frame were provided separately. Take some time to look at your decorative veneer or decorative laminate options. Be sure to select frames that are veneered, laminated, stained or painted to give you the coordinated look you desire.

Wrap Up

When it comes to choosing an doorset, you can give your property any look you desire by choosing from an array of designs, wood types and surface options. The fire-rated doors and non fire rated doorsets from Mikasa come with all needed accessories for easy and flawless installation. To discuss your requirements, talk to us. Our experts will be happy to help you make the right choice. Write to us at info@mikasadoors.com or send us a message and we will take it from there.