What Makes Engineered Wooden Doors the Right Choice for Your Home

Engineered wooden doors in India from Mikasa Doors

The doors play a key role in creating the first impression of your home. Choosing the right doors can a touch of unique sophistication and elegance to your abode, standing as an apt prelude to what lies behind them. While engineered wooden doors offer a great option for people to manifest unique decor inspirations, misconceptions such as high maintenance and the need for regular polishing often discourage buyers. So, to help clear the smokescreen, in this blog post, we unravel how engineered wooden doors have brought about a paradigm shift in the world of decor, and all that makes them a perfect choice for your home. Read one.

Elegance & Grandeur

The class and grace that engineered wooden doors and flooring lend to your home are unparalleled. Their versatility last through changing interior décor trends. The timelessness of wood is validated by the fact that it is still the most preferred material for doors and flooring. With the advent of engineered wooden doors, however, the options in the home décor craft have now reached previously uncharted territories.

Resistance to Climate Changes

There is a common misconception that solid wood doors, though expensive, offer better value than engineered wooden doors, a notion that is simply untrue. What’s often overlooked is their response to moisture and heat, which is usually shrinking, swelling or warping. Engineered wooden doors, on the other hand, offer an ideal solution to these ubiquitous problems. Made using a solid layered core, cross configuration and strong adhesive, engineered doors are built to endure climatic changes.

Delivers Challenging Designs with Ease

Interior designers offer a refreshing range of designs that challenge the capabilities of the traditional solid wood doors. Circular doors, curved doors, and various quirky designs are possible all thanks to engineered wooden doors. If you’re looking to give your home a splash of uniqueness, engineered wooden doors are the way to go.


Most Indian home décor is centered around the usage of various materials and surfaces. Unlike countries in the polar regions that experience harsh winters and snowfall, Indian climate allows for marble, tiles, wood and several other materials in accentuating one’s home. With the coalescing of such varied elements, wooden door frames are an ideal choice as they effortlessly complement any and every flooring and upholstery choice. Should you wish to renovate your interior décor, stay assured that your engineered wooden doors will blend right in.


Whether it is curtains, appliances or wooden door frames, don’t we love it when what we sought falls comfortably in our budget? Unfortunately though, when it comes to wooden door prices in India, we often shoot over our budget. Engineered wooden doors are here to change that trend. These factory-finished products leverage the benefits of economies of scale in production with a perfect blend of durable elements.


Besides enigmatic appeal, engineered wooden doors give you all the right reasons to go for them when it comes to creating or renovating living spaces. From weather resistance and versatility to easy customization and affordability, engineered wooden doors have got all the boxes checked. So, the next time you’re exploring doors and door frame options, know that engineered wooden doors from a trusted brand such as Mikasa are a safe choice. If you have any questions about any of our products or to discuss your requirement, connect with Mikasa team at info@mikasadoors.com or simply call 1800 833 0004.