Veneer Doors Care and Maintenance Basics

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Veneer doors carry a classic mix of the natural beauty of wood and the reliability of engineered wood. Besides providing the much needed separation between rooms to provide privacy and serve as a guard against unwanted elements, veneer doors also enhance the overall appeal of your spaces. Being an important part of the property, they should be maintained the right way. Paying attention to the maintenance of your doors also maximises their durability and lifespan. On that note, in this blog post, we present the basics of veneer door maintenance. Read on.

Hardware Check

This is particularly important if your veneer doors are used in a public area. Due to heavy use in such areas, the door hardware are highly susceptible to wear and tear, especially in the absence of regular lubrication. Moreover, knobs, hinges, handles or faceplates may become loose over time. You can use appropriate tools to tighten them up and lubricate them as needed. If there’s any part that is broken, it should be immediately replaced.

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Periodic Lubrication

Periodic lubrication plays an important role in the maintenance of your veneer doors. Moving parts such as hinges, rollers and tracks should be lubricated periodically for better use and door life. Dirt, rust or faulty mechanisms hinder the functioning of door hardware and locks. Before lubricating, however, make sure you have the right lubricant, as a wrong lubricant can do more harm than good.

Routine Cleaning

Decorative veneer doors are layered with wax, stain or oil. You can refer to the manufacturer’s description to find out the exact material used in your doors. Normally you can wipe out the dirt, oil stains or hand prints with a wet cloth and mild soap. If, however, you observe any cracks, chipping, or fading on the door, you can contact the manufacturer to get the surface refinished.

Protecting Door Frames

Whether you have an engineered wood entry door or it is made of any other material, chances are the frame will be made up of wood. The exterior of the doorframe takes a lot of beating from natural elements such as moisture, rain, sun, winds, ice and snow. The exterior of the frame, therefore, should be sealed with the help of paint or stain so that moisture doesn’t seep in. The sections of the doorframe closest to the ground are the most susceptible to water damage.

Wrap Up

Though this blog post should help you keep your decorative veneer doors in top shape; if you are still looking to buy them, look no further than Mikasa and choose from an extensive range of modern veneer door designs. Mikasa, a brand of Greenlam Industries, offers a wide array of premium doors for both commercial and residential properties. If you have any questions or wish to discuss your requirement, fill out our contact form or write to us at