Understanding the Core Options Offered by Mikasa

Solid Core Wooden Doors in India | Mikasa Doors

Solid core wooden doors are the most popular choice among people looking for doors. Whether you wish to renovate a commercial space or any residential setup, the right solid core wooden door can be the perfect addition. Apart from offering great aesthetic appeal, solid core wood doors & frames are also extremely durable and resistant to many external factors like moisture, wind, sunlight that may lead to damage. When looking for wooden doors in India or other places, Mikasa is a brand you can trust. However, before choosing a premium door design offered by Mikasa, it is important to understand the options we offer. On that note, we present an overview of the door options offered by Mikasa. Take a look.

Door Leaf Core Options

Mikasa’s door leaf cores are pre-tested for fabrication of fire and non-fire rated doorsets. Offering stability and strength, our door leaf cores undergo a number of durability tests to meet the quality standards. These cores are manufactured in various sizes, including 32 mm, 35 mm, 38 mm, 44 mm, 54 mm and 64 mm.

Our door leaf cores are categorized into two types:

Solid Particle Core

Solid particle cores are high-performance solid core wood doors that are manufactured using a triple layer density particle board. The board used in this manufacturing process is specially imported from Germany and has layers of high density wood chips.

Tubular Core

Offering higher durability and stability as compared to solid particle cores, tubular cores are manufactured using premium material and come with a stile and rail. This core is highly structured and extremely resistant to external factors that may lead to door damage.

Wrap Up

Mikasa is a brand committed to offering premium solid core wooden doors for both commercial and residential properties. Now that you know and understand the solid wood core door options offered by Mikasa, making the right choice will be easy. When choosing a door design, keep in mind the theme you wish to have when renovating the commercial or residential space. To learn more or discuss your requirement, fill out our contact form or write to us at info@mikasadoors.com.