Top Reasons to Choose a Wood Front Door

Wooden door designs from Mikasa Doors

Wood doors exude beauty and style, whatever space they are installed in residential and commercial properties. Apart from aesthetic beauty, there are many other reasons that make wood door designs the best choice for property owners and designers. While leading manufacturers of wood door designs, such as Mikasa Doors offer a comprehensive range of engineered wood doorsets, this blog focuses on the front door. Let’s take a look at some notable reasons to choose a wood front door.  

Many designs to choose from

There are endless design options to go with your desired look, whether you need a door to act as an accent piece or be the focal point. There are different aspects to consider when choosing a wood door design, including the grain pattern, which is derived from the wood species and cut. Even the same wood species or log can also present different colour hues. You can also opt for a painted, veneered, or laminated door design according to your preference.

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Wood doors are durable and designed to last long. They fare well even under extreme conditions and are fairly easy to clean and maintain. They maintain their sheen for a very long time while imparting natural warmth to your home’s facade and interior. Mikasa Doors come with a solid 5-year performance guarantee as testament of their enduring quality. 

Great insulation

Wood has low thermal conductivity and acts as a great insulator. You can count on wood doors to help bring down your heating and cooling bills by keeping excess heat and cold out. This quality also helps ensure that interior spaces stay comfortable even in the worst of seasons. 

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Formidable security

Wooden doors are known for their strength, which has been made even better by years of advancements in their design and construction. This makes them a great choice for front doors as security is a key consideration.

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