Top Finish Options for Engineered Wood Doors

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Doors play an important role in the overall design and appeal of your property. While wood has been a popular choice for both interior and exterior doors, builders and homeowners now have an upgraded alternative – real engineered wood doors. Besides carrying notable advantages such as superior weather resistance and dimensional stability, engineered wood doors are also much easier on the pocket, especially if you go for painted or laminated doors. If you have been thinking about using engineered wood doors in your project, this post is for you. Read on as we present an overview of the various surface finish options for engineered wood doors and frames available on the market to help you narrow down your choices.

Leaf Surface Options


Door laminate is a heavy-duty surface option with various attributes such as moisture and abrasion resistance which explains the popularity of laminated doors. Available in a wide range of colours and patterns, door laminate sheets are easy to install and require low maintenance and care. Mikasa lets you choose a commercial or home wood door design from a wide collection of options such as solid colours, wood patterns and metallic finishes.


Wood veneers can help in imparting the texture and design of solid wood to engineered wood doors. Veneers are eco-friendly, less prone to warping and are easy to maintain. Unlike solid wood doors, veneer finished doors and frames do not require regular polishing or waxing. You can find a wide range of wood veneers from simple to exotic species of solid wood at Decowood Veneers. Doors come pre-polished in the factory using UV process ensuring uniformity and longevity of the veneer surfacing on your real engineered wood door.


If you’re looking to go the conventional way of a simple paint finish on your engineered wood door, Mikasa Doors offer a factory-finished and fully-painted doorsets with a colour of your choice within the RAL or the British Standard Range.

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Frame Surface Options


Engineered wood doorsets come with a factory-finished door and frame. Based on your wood door design, you can pick a complementary laminate surfacing for your door frame design for any room. For ensuring a uniform and a coordinated look, we perform matching edge banding on the door and frame.


Veneer frames are an apt companion to a veneer-finished door leaf. Engineered wood frames come covered with 6 mm timber at the ends and with veneer at the face. Explore the collection at Decowood Veneers to find a veneer finishing for the door frame of your liking.


For a natural finish, one can opt for a solid wood door & frame that is either polished or stained to match the veneer finish on your door. Polished door frames add a touch of solid wood to veneer finished engineered doors.


For a plain and a simple look, you can opt for a paint finished door frame that compliments the finishing and colour on the door leaf.

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Wrap Up

When selecting wood door design or door frame design, it is important to ensure that it is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Mikasa’s real engineered wood doors come with a stable core and a finishing of your choice. Explore our exhaustive collection of factory finished engineered wood doorsets with exciting surfacing solutions. If you have any questions about our products or to discuss your requirement and get a wood door design catalogue, write to us at or simply call 1800-833-0004.