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A Brief Guide to Repair Cracked and Damaged Engineered Wooden Doors

Brief guide to repair to wooden doors from Mikasa Doors

Engineered wooden doors infuse timeless charm into any space, but the passage of time can result in wear and tear, leaving behind unsightly cracks and damage. Such imperfections can diminish the allure of your door, prompting the need for the right repair and restoration. The good news is that not every blemish demands professional assistance. If you’re seeking DIY solutions to revive your engineered wooden doors, Mikasa Doors is here to be your guiding hand. In this concise guide, we will lead you through effective repair techniques, empowering you to restore your doors to their original splendour. How Can Engineered Wooden…

3 Charming Wood Species that You Can Choose For Your Bedroom Door

best species for Designer wooden bedroom doors from Mikasa Doors

A door is one of the most important considerations when designing a bedroom. While the door design needs to blend with the rest of the home decor, it can still maintain its uniqueness in a variety of aspects. Wooden bedroom doors are a popular choice owing to the numerous advantages that the natural material brings to the table. Given the abundance of different wood species that are used to manufacture engineered wooden doors, it can be difficult to choose one that goes well with your decor. In this blog, we are going to look at 3 charming wooden door species…