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4 Tips to Avoid/Contain a Fire Outbreak in Commercial Spaces

Avoiding fire in commercial spaces through Fire doors and doorsets from Mikasa Doors

A fire outbreak is a potentially dangerous situation that can result in the loss of life and property. Commercial spaces, which experience high traffic, are particularly susceptible to fire outbreaks, leading to significant losses. To prevent or mitigate fire outbreaks in commercial spaces, national building authorities have made the installation of fire doors mandatory. When searching for fire doors, it is important to choose a reputable brand like Mikasa Doors, which offers standard fire-rated doorsets for optimal protection. In addition to installing fire-rated doorsets, there are a few other tips for containing fire outbreaks in commercial spaces. In this blog, we will…

3 Fire Rated Doorsets Surfacing Materials to Uplift Your Interior

Fire doors and doorsets from Mikasa Doors

Fire doors primarily serve to save lives by preventing the spread of fire. Consequently, building regulations for multi-story commercial and residential spaces mandate their installation in every stairway. Fire doors form a barrier to protect the building’s escape route, ensuring the safe exit of occupants in case of emergencies. These doors also assist in firefighting activities by forming a seal that restricts the amount of oxygen feeding the fire. However, modern fire exit doors are not only functional, but can also be aesthetically appealing with the use of different types of surfacing materials. If you’re looking for functional and beautiful…

Understanding Mikasa’s Fire-rated Doors

fire doors and doorsets from Mikasa Doors

Fire safety is a major concern in commercial and industrial spaces, as well as multi-occupancy residential spaces. According to a study conducted in 2022, about 1.6 million fire accidents took place in India in 2021, in which more than 27,000 people lost their lives. While the construction layout can’t be changed once completed (unless remodelled), installing fire doors and doorsets is an excellent way to protect people and property during fire outbreaks. Mikasa, from the house of Greenlam Industries, is a trusted name when it comes to providing fire doors and doorsets that are made in compliance with various global…