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4 Ways To Make Your Interior Door Design a Centrepiece of Your Space

Types of wooden doors and frames from Mikasa Doors

Interior doors essentially tie the decor of each room together, providing a cohesive look to the entire space. That’s why it is crucial to carefully consider door design, the materials used in construction, and hardware during building and renovation. While wooden doors are a popular choice for interior doors, they can be costly and require high maintenance. An excellent alternative to wooden doors is engineered wooden doors. When searching for high-quality engineered wooden doors, look no further than Mikasa Doors. In this blog, we will present four ways in which you can make your interior door design the centrepiece of…

5 Reasons to Invest in Mikasa Doors

Interior door designs | Mikasa Doors

Doors are an integral component of any interior. Interior doors provide privacy and security, help in minimizing noise, provide separation between two rooms, and help define the overall aesthetics of the space. That’s why it is vital to choose a door that not only complements the decor, but also stands the test of time. When it comes to providing high-quality wooden doors, Mikasa Doors is among the top names and is known for its splendid range of different types of wooden doors for both commercial and residential spaces. Continuing on the topic, read on as we discuss the five reasons…

A Simple Guide on Door Frame Types

Wooden Door frame types With Mikasa Doors

While everyone acknowledges the criticality of doors, not many pay enough heed to frames, which is actually quite surprising. That’s because frames are as important, if not more, as the doors, when it comes to the overall appeal and resilience of the doorset. It is, therefore, important to know about the different door frame types available in the market. Continuing on the subject, in this blog post, we have presented an overview of the options you have. Take a look. Open Door Frames Open door frames are usually used with indoor doors and have the most simple construction. In open…