Solid vs. Engineered vs. Hollow Core Wooden Doors: Know the Difference

Wooden door designs from Mikasa Doors

Wooden doors are renowned for their unmatched natural aesthetic appeal, which helps embellish interiors in both commercial and residential spaces. Apart from aesthetics, it is also crucial for wooden doors to be functionally sound, which requires a stable and durable core that can resist things such as rough shutting and slamming. Mikasa doors and door frame designs come in different core options such as solid; engineered; and hollow core, all of which offer unique benefits. In this article, we will present a quick comparison among the three aforementioned wooden door core options.

Solid Core

The solid wooden door is made by joining slabs of real wood. Botanically, both gymnosperms (softwood) and angiosperms (hardwood) are wood-producing members of the plant kingdom and are used for several applications, including doors and door frames, windows, and furniture. 

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Hardwood is more decay-resistant and is preferred for exterior or entry doors, whereas softwood is ideal for interior applications. The stability and durability of a solid wooden door depend on various factors, which are:

  • Type of wood used
  • Quality of the wood
  • Door leaf and frame design
  • Method of construction of the door
  • Type of surface finishing

Engineered Core

This type of wooden core is made from multiple layers of wood and wood-based products glued together to form a highly stable core. Some of the commonly used materials to make engineered wooden door cores include particleboard, medium-density fibreboard (MDF), composite wood, and plywood. Owing to their multi-layered composition, engineered cores prove are more durable and resistant to issues such as warping and twisting. Mikasa Doors provides some of the finest wooden doors and frames with engineered cores. Our engineered core options include:

For Door Leaves

Solid Particle Core  It is made with high-performance triple-layer density particle board along with two layers of high-density wood chips.
Tubular Core  It is made with a high-performance tubular core consisting of LVL Rail and Stile.

For Door Frames

Rebated  These are made from several layers of wood stacked, glued together, and machined to create a groove to fit the door leaf.
Engineered  Made with “Door Stopper”, we make engineered door frames from MDF; LVL; and hardwood.

Hollow Core

Affordable and lightweight, wooden doors featuring hollow cores are made up of a grid or honeycomb-like structure encased between sheets of wood veneers. Hollow-core wooden doors are more suited for interior applications including bathrooms, bedrooms, and closets. They are easy to handle; transport; and install, which makes them a top choice among architects and interior designers.

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