A Simple Guide to Pick a Bedroom Door

Bedroom door design from Mikasa Doors

It goes without saying that a door is a necessary accessory that defines your bedroom interior. When picking out a door, factors you need to consider are visual appeal – make sure it is in unison with the rest of your decor. Layout a budget, research on the installation process and familiarise yourself with the recent features available in the market. To help you learn more about all the things you have to consider, we’ve put together a simple guide to pick a bedroom door. Read on.

Determine your Requirements

Are you looking for just a door leaf or the entire unit that comes with the frame? Decide if you need a pre-hung door and frame unit or just a regular door. If you plan on using an existing frame, pre-hung doors are an excellent option. They are easy to install too. Measure the opening to determine the size of the new door. Measure your door’s length and width to do so. In the case of a pre-hung unit, measurements must be 1/8th inch smaller than the opening in the wall.

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Choose a Door Material

Wood is a popular choice, but if you’re looking for a longer lifespan, steel and fibreglass are options you can pick. When it comes to both longer lifespan and the aesthetic appeal, you can’t go wrong with engineered wood doors with a surface finish of wood veneers or decorative laminates. Engineered wood doors, unlike hardwood doors, aren’t susceptible to warping and damage. They offer exceptional durability and are very easy to maintain too, making them an ideal option for bedroom doors.

Select a Bedroom Door Design

Depending on your design requirements, you can pick a bedroom door design that best compliments your bedroom’s décor. While your bedroom door design need not necessarily look too sophisticated, it must be elegantly finished without any design inconsistencies. Modern bedroom door designs have now become increasingly minimal owing to their silent yet aesthetically appealing profile.

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Pick a Finish

The finish of a door plays a huge role in how it looks and the kind of beauty it lends to the interior. Ideally, look for door manufacturers that allow you to pick among various finish options such as paints, decorative laminates, and veneers for a truly uncompromised experience.

Final Thoughts

When finalizing bedroom doors, ensure that you invest in a quality product that lasts long and gives you the most value for your money. Keep in mind the price, appeal, purpose and functionality before making the final call. Mikasa brings to you a range of modern engineered wood doors available in various finish options. If you wish to discuss your requirements or would like to learn more about our bedroom doors, write to us at info@mikasadoors.com or fill out our contact form and we will get back to you.