Selecting the Right Doors for Your Property

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Choosing the right wooden doors that compliment the overall interiors of your property is a prerequisite for creating the desired ambience. By paying attention to details such as the design, and function, you can easily make the right choices. While exterior wooden doors help in protecting your property, interior doors help in defining its overall style and flow. Whether you have a modern front door on your mind or are looking for a subtle interior door, Mikasa has got you covered. To help, we give a list of four factors to consider when choosing wooden doors for your property.


The style of a door will express the scale, feeling and mood of your property. Before selecting a style for your doors, consider the size and shape of the spaces where they will be installed. Single wooden door designs, for instance, are ideal for medium to small spaces, whereas for larger areas, you can go for a double door set. Having clarity on key aspects such as the decor theme, height of ceilings and the material of the flooring can also help. Try to keep the door style consistent across your house for achieving a sense of uniformity and flow.

Swing Direction

Depending on whether you want your door to swing inside or outside a room, you can determine where the hinges will be installed. Generally speaking, in primary living spaces such as the living room or bedroom, doors swing inwards. In some cases, however, where space is a constraint, the doors can be installed to swing outwards. To decide the direction that suits you the best, step into a room and try to imagine which of the two movements will make better use of the space.

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It is highly recommended to pay extra attention to the material of your interior door. Ideally, the material of your door should be moisture resistant, affordable, long-lasting and good looking. That explains the ever-increasing number of builders and homeowners who are turning to engineered wooden doors. Compared to alternatives such as hardwood, engineered wooden doors are budget-friendly, much more resistant to moisture and water damage.


Last but not the least; make sure that the colour of your wooden door blends well with the overall interiors of your property. It is advisable that you choose a door colour after deciding the overall colour scheme of your property and considering other interior design elements such as the style and colour of walls and flooring. You can explore our selection of engineered wood doors to take your pick from an array of options made from a variety of wood species, each carrying its own charm.

Wrap Up

Engineered wooden doors offer the perfect blend of functionality, appeal, and durability. A modern solution promising enhanced moisture resistance, engineered wooden doors are available in an exhaustive array of options to complement different decors and themes. Whether you are looking for residential doors, office doors or hospital doors, the search ends here. Mikasa offers a wide-range of engineered wooden doors and doorsets comprising factory-finished doors and frames. To discuss your requirement or learn more about our products, write to us at and we will take it from there.