Reasons Why You’ll Love Using Laminated Doors In Your Work Facilities

Laminated doors in India | Mikasa Doors

If you are currently in the process of furnishing or refurbishing your office, hospital, or hotel facilities, you are probably overwhelmed with design options. Every single design component is available in dozens of materials, and every decision you make matters. After all, as every element comes together, the image of your establishment is redefined. When it comes to doors, there’s not much you should worry about. As far as commercial applications go, you can’t do better than laminated doors. Take a look at some of the reasons why laminated doors are best suited for application in commercial spaces.

Why Invest In Laminated Wood Doors For Your Commercial Establishment?

Laminated Wood Doors Guarantee Trouble-Free Maintenance

Forget about the burdens of maintaining solid hardwood doors. When you’re running a buzzing office or a large hospital or clinic, there’s no time to waste on polishing, sanding, repainting, etc. Laminated wood doors simplify your daily operations by eliminating unnecessary maintenance tasks.

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Laminated Doors Provide Long-lasting Quality

Mikasa Doors is a synonym for quality. Our factory-finished door and frame don’t need resizing. The factory finish endures for a lifetime which keeps your door looking new. We follow the latest European practices when it comes to the use of UV Lacquer and polishing line. You have the guarantee of superior aesthetics, fit, and finish when you instal Mikasa Doors. Beneath every decorative laminate, you’ll find a high-performance core filler made from triple layer density particle board imported from Germany.

They can be Customized

Decorative laminates are available in a huge variety of designs. From simple solid colors to wood patterns to abstracts, the sky’s the limit!. Matching your doors to the rest of your business aesthetic is no challenge for us! This way you’ll put forward a harmonious and unified look.

Renovate Your Commercial Establishment With Mikasa Doors

Are you working on the design of a clinic, office, apartment building or hotel? Mikasa Doors has got you covered when it comes to premium engineered wooden doors with multiple laminate surfacing options to suit your decor. Get the aesthetics, quality, and functionality you need with Mikasa doors. Download our brochure to check out the available options. You can also contact us via email at or fill out our Contact Form for more information.