A Quick Guide to Choose Bedroom Doors

Bedroom doors designs from Mikasa Doors

Balance is one of the core pillars of interior design, and the same goes while designing a bedroom. Bedroom wooden door designs must be aesthetically alluring and provide exceptional performance. A perfect bedroom door design blends in with the overall interior to reaffirm the primary theme of the bedroom and the rest of the living spaces. There is a range of bedroom door designs from which you can choose according to your style, interior decor, and preferences. Continue reading as we go through a quick guide to choosing bedroom doors.

1. Know available types of bedroom doors

Understanding the available types of doors is vital from a utility perspective. Mikasa offers a wide range of doors, which are as follows:

  • Non-Fire Rated Doors: Mikasa Non-Fire Rated doors are a premium range of doors made from high-performance triple-layer density particle board and come in an exhaustive range of colours and surface finishes to make your bedroom stand out.
  • Designer Doors: Mikasa offers premium quality designer wooden doors that blend seamlessly into every decor and style preference. They come in a range of designs and solid colours, supported by different surfacing options such as laminate, veneer, and paint.
  • Acoustic Doors: Mikasa specialty doors are specifically designed to serve special purposes depending on the surroundings. These include Acoustic Doors that dampen sound levels up to 45RwdB, ensuring a noise-free ambiance.

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2. Consider the door design

When it comes to bedroom door design, there are quite a few things to consider. From door leaf and frame design to other elements such as its thickness and multi-layered composition, Mikasa Doors & Frames are a complete package that is made to fit and provide a perfect match. They come factory-finished for easy installation, requiring no carpentry work at the site. Doors come in various thicknesses such as 32, 35, 38, and 44 mm, allowing you to choose according to your requirement. Another aspect that you need to consider is whether you wish to go with paint, laminate, or veneer surfacing.

3. Choose a surface material

Mikasa Doors & Frames are available in a wide range of surfacing solutions to suit your overall design and preferences. When it comes to doors, you can choose from our extensive collection of high-pressure laminates, decorative veneers, and paint finishes. For frames, the choices are endless – Laminate, Veneers, Paint, and Polish finishes. To make your bedroom interior stand apart, it is vital to pay attention to the finer details.


Mikasa Doors solutions are designed with utmost precision to cater to a range of requirements, from simple bedroom door designs to theme-based bedroom wooden door designs. Mikasa is a leading name in providing a complete range of factory-finished door sets (doors and frames) by bringing together revolutionary designing concepts and manufacturing technologies. Contact us at 1800 833 0004 or email info@mikasadoors.com to discuss your bedroom door requirement. You can also fill out our enquiry form.