Non-Fire-Rated vs Fire-Rated Doorsets: Understanding the Difference

Laminated door designs from Mikasa Doors

When selecting doors for a home or workplace, the first step is outlining their functional requirements. Although aesthetics is generally the first thing on a buyer’s mind, other aspects such as safety, durability and maintenance are equally important. In addition, you may also want to consider whether you need a fire-rated or non-fire-rated doorset. Unsure about how they are different from one another? We’ve got you covers. Read on as we present the key difference between non-fire-rated and fire-rated doorsets.

Non-Fire-Rated Doorsets

At a glance, non fire rated doorsets can look the same as fire rated doors. For the most part, there’s also no difference in their regular function. Non fire rated wooden doors are mostly made out of a solid core that is surfaced with wood veneer or laminates.

Their design is simple, practical and durable, which makes them ideal for everyday use, but they do not offer any real protection in the case of a fire. As fire spreads to a non-fire rated door, it is quickly consumed allowing the flames to keep spreading throughout the property.

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Fire-Rated Doorsets

Fire rated doorsets are made to offer varying degrees of protection against fire, allowing people more time to evacuate and helping in preventing the spread of fire. This additional time to escape to safety and put out the fire can make the difference between a small accident and a huge tragedy.

Depending on the specific fire rating of a door, these doors can hold off a fire for varying amounts of time. The higher the rating of a fire resistant door is, the longer it can contain the fire. Although fire rated doors don’t help prevent fires, their value lies in their ability to delay the spread of a fire in case there is an outbreak.

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Which One to Choose?

Fire rated doors are rarely required in residential properties, but can be an essential requirement in various commercial and public spaces. These include research facilities, educational institutes, healthcare facilities, public offices, cinema halls, hotels, and other similar establishments. An expert can help you determine whether your space requires a non-fire-rated or fire-rated doorset.

The Bottom Line

Whether you are looking for fire-rated doorsets or non-fire-rated doorsets, the search ends here. At Mikasa, you can find a wide selection of engineered wood doors that are designed to impress and built to last. Each fully certified doorset includes a door leaf pre-hung in a frame, with fire and smoke seals, ironmongery and glazing fitted, and full finish. Want more information on Mikasa doors? Contact us today by send us a message or email us at