Mikasa Doors: Your Destination for Premium Engineered Wood Doors

Wooden Front Doors With Mikasa

Mikasa, a one stop shop for premium engineered wooden doors, produces naturally processed and finely finished units for both residential and commercial establishments. The final products are ready to install without a hassle. At Mikasa, you get doors that are resistant to decay and also have the option to take your pick from various a rich wood door design catalogue featuring various surfacing materials such as veneers, laminates and paints. Read to find out all that makes Mikasa a world favourite when it comes engineered wood doors.

A Door for Every Need!

Mikasa doors are versatile in character, design and use. Our engineered wood door design catalogue features different types of doors that are suitable for different purposes and places.

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Non-Fire Rated Doors & Doorsets
The core is made of high-quality core filler of German triple layer density particle board. These door frames have different core options. Solid hardwood makes up the sophisticated rebated frames and LVL, MDF and Hardwood frames are engineered. The thickness of the doors come in 32, 35, 38 and 44mm. Customers can choose equal or unequal pairs and customize the surface finish.
Fire-Rated Doorsets
Mikasa doors are engineered to form a fire protection system that is very reliable. We deploy the best wood and the most superior quality raw materials for making the safest fire rated doors for you. Our doorset is certified and guaranteed to pass all fire safety tests. Mikasa’s fire-rated doors retard the spread of fire and fumes through buildings that give occupants an opportunity to escape. Our fire rated doorsets are India’s only door sets to meet BS 476 Part 22, BM Trada and Q-mark certifications.

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Specialty Doorsets
The Mikasa team thinks about the people. Mikasa specialty doors offer to serve special customers in a way that would help reach significance and the doors for radiation shielding ensure safety from high levels of radiation. These are suitable for use in hospital and laboratories. The Acoustic doors are designed for achieving optimum levels of sound reduction. The minimum thickness of a door is 44mm.
Dura Collection
Dura is short for durability and the Dura Collection is a collection of doors which Mikasa intends to use to show their products’ longevity. The doors come with 5 layers of tubular core and a 6-side protection that shields the doors from extreme weather. The doors have a warranty of 10 years. The Dura collection is eco-friendly, sustainable and manufactured from 100% wood source. The laminate surface finish makes maintenance very comfortable and easy to clean. They are termite and borer resistant which add to their existing useful functions.

Wrap Up

Whether you choose home doors or commercial doors, Mikasa promises quality. All kinds of wooden doors manufactured proudly by the Mikasa team are aesthetically pleasant, strong and durable. Mikasa ensures quality and innovation in their work through constant research and development. All furniture manufactured by Mikasa are guaranteed to be the best. Connect with Mikasa team at info@mikasadoors.com or simply call us at 1800 833 0004.