Laminated Doors: More Than Just Aesthetic Appeal

Laminated Doors in India | Mikasa Doors

There is more to your property’s door than what meets the eye. To stand up to everyday wear and tear and weather changes, a door should not only be visually appealing, it should also be made from a durable material and reinforcements. Laminate doors promise both, and more. Available in a range of colors, designs and patterns, laminate doors allow you to select doors that accurately represent your personality and style preferences. While you can always count on a trusted brand such as Mikasa to provide you with premium laminated doors, you too should have a basic idea about them before going ahead with a purchase decision. That is the reason why we, in this blog post, present to you all you need to know about laminated doors. Read on.

Easy To Clean

The smooth satin finish on high-quality laminated doors makes them a perfect choice for hygiene sensitive spaces, such as hospitals, laboratories, institutes, hotels, restaurants, and other such establishments. The smooth surface of laminated doors allows easy cleaning and is fairly resistant to stains.

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Holds Thermal Insulation Benefits

A laminate door contributes to the thermal insulation of your room. Adding insulation to your building from the inside or outside is greatly important. Some benefits of a well-insulated space include lower utility costs, optimal inner temperatures, and a healthier living environment. The quality, thickness, and density of a laminate door may, however, affect the degree of its thermal insulation.

Same Visual Effect, More Economical Than Solid Wood

Laminate doors are cheaper alternatives for those on a tight budget but looking for the visual effect of real wood. Compared to laminate doors, hardwood doors are always considerably more expensive to buy and install. Generally, laminates have an edge when it comes to remodeling on a budget. If you’re installing laminate doors on a home you’re looking to resale later, it is advisable to use commercial-grade laminate doors. This way, you will take your resale value a notch higher.

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Resistant To Heat And Weather Fluctuations

Laminates are not completely heat-proof but well installed high-quality laminates will work just fine even around your stovetop and oven. On the other hand, excess moisture can easily damage real-wood doors. High-quality laminates are completely waterproof.

Why Choose Our Laminated Doors?

The versatility and robustness of laminated doors make them a popular choice for homeowners looking for cost-effective and long-lasting doors. Mikasa offers high quality, and factory finished doors along with their matching frames. The doors are engineered for stability and resilience to guarantee maximum value for every penny you spent. From simple, smooth to lightweight and compact doors, Mikasa provides a full range of door laminates to suit your needs. If you’re looking for amazing deals on top-rated decorative laminates, talk to us today by sending an email to You can also call us at our toll-free number 1800 833 0004.