Introduction to Mikasa’s Dura Collection

Wooden Dura Door Collection in India With Mikasa Doors

Short for “durability”, the Dura collection from Mikasa raises the bar for premium wooden doors to a new level. Manufactured using different species of exotic wood and world-class ironmongery, the collection has a number of properties, including resistance to extreme weather conditions and termites. Ravishing and adaptive, the Dura collection features a range of textures, species, and colors. Continuing on the subject, let’s take a closer look at what all lies in store in the wooden doors from Mikasa’s Dura collection. Read on.

Door Leaf

The Dura Collection’s door leaf, available in 38mm and 44mm thickness, is manufactured using a tubular core with LVL rail and stile, with matching Edge Banding on all four sides of the door leaf. Pre-tested for durability, especially for body impact and static torsion, the leaf is not only termite and borer resistant, but also highly resistant to hostile weather conditions.

Door Frame

Keeping aesthetic appeal in mind, the Dura Collection’s door frame is manufactured using the same laminate finish and edge banding used in manufacturing the door leaf, to ensure perfect match. Made up of a moisture resistant MDF core, the door frame is available in 44mm thickness, and comes with a door stopper. You also have the option to customize the thickness of the door frame to 90mm.


Mikasa focuses on manufacturing and using only premium quality products, with ironmongery being no exception. From hinges to drop seals, every small detail is manufactured using high-quality products and advanced CNC machinery, which enables us to comply with internal quality standards.


Manufactured using laminate surfaced MDF core, the architrave is used to enhance the overall appeal of the doorset by covering the gap between the door frame and walls. The standard size of an architrave of the Dura Collection is 50mm x 10mm, which is customizable to meet your requirements.

Acoustic Strip
The Dura doorsets from Mikasa feature a unique acoustic strip that is placed between the frame and door to reduce wear and tear. In addition, the strip also reduces the transfer of sound through the door, thereby serving as a sound dampening layer.

Wrap Up

Whether you wish to buy plain or textured wooden doors, no need to look any further than Mikasa’s Dura collection. Placed among the leading wood door manufacturers in India, Mikasa offers premium quality doors in a wide range of design and finish options. If you have any questions regarding any of our products, fill out our contact form or write to us at