Enhance Your Interiors with These Trending Door Designs

Wooden door designs from Mikasa Doors

The contribution of doors to the overall appearance of a property and its interior often goes unappreciated. Apart from the functionality aspect, doors play a key role in defining the aesthetic of any space, and the property’s curb appeal. Owing to their enduring quality and wide range of design options on offer, wooden doors can be a major component of your decor style. Continuing on the topic, read on as we discuss some of the trending door designs that you can try to enhance your interiors.

Dark Tones

Doors with dark tones are a perfect fit for balancing the flamboyant shades of the decor and offer a warm, elegant, and vibrant ambiance that fits well with contrasting, dark-themed, traditional, and modern decor. Mikasa Doors provides a wide range of wooden doors that come in various colours and textures such dark grey, black, Wenge, and Walnut.

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Neutral Hues

If there’s one door style that has stood the test of time, it’s the neutral hues colour palette. Neutral hues fit perfectly with several decor themes, transforming the space into a more welcoming and engaging ambiance. Working with neutral hues is relatively convenient as they easily blend with other elements of the decor with a similar range of hues. Some of the best neutral hues are gray, pastel blue, beige shade, and calming green.

Bold Shades

Bright and vivid shades are one of the most widely used colour palettes that go well with spacious rooms or hallways. Blending a contrast of accentuating bold colour door frame designs with neutral backgrounds is a great choice for cafeterias and bedrooms. Available bold door colours include bright coral, emerald green, and royal blue.

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Invisible Doors

Invisible or hidden doors are one of the most popular trending door designs in residential and commercial spaces. They are endowed with the same pattern or design as the background to create the illusion of an invisible door. This can be a great solution when a dull entryway is denting the overall appearance of the decor. It is also a viable solution when looking to camouflage bathroom doors that are next to seating areas.

Doors with minimalistic theme

Minimalism is a timeless theme that reflects simplicity and elegance. It is a popular design theme in modern-day decor and also creates room to experiment with different colour contrasts. When it comes to choosing doors with a minimalistic theme, the options are endless – using neutral tones, or having a colour contrast.

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