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All You Need to Know about Fire-Rated Doorsets

Fire rated door design from Mikasa Doors

Doors today represent much more than an access and security feature for commercial and residential properties. They also contribute towards the property’s character and style quotient and come endowed with a host of other desirable attributes depending on the application. One notable quality is that of being fire retardant. Though one of mankind’s greatest feats remains the ability to create and control fire, it poses an ever-present danger especially in commercial and residential properties. That is the reason we, at Mikasa, have invested countless hours in research and development to engineer an array of premium quality fire rated doorsets for…

4 Undeniable Reasons to Invest in Premium Quality Doors

front wooden door and frames With Mikasa Doors

Trends have seen a marked shift in terms of door manufacturing and installation. While the carpentry approach of yesteryear which dealt with the door and frame as two seperate items to be matched during installation; Mikasa offers complete door solution as doors, frames and accessories shipped from the factory as a fully finished single doorset. If you are still wondering why you should invest in premium quality doors from Mikasa, this blog post is for you. Read on to learn a few undeniable benefits of installing high quality doors. 1. Unmatched Aesthetic Appeal Doors are now supposed to offer much…