A Brief Guide to Understanding Mikasa’s Wood Door Design

Wooden doors & frames design in India | Mikasa Doors

Traditional hardwood doors are commonly known for their rich aesthetics, superior durability, variety of options, and long life making them a highly sought-after solution among home and property owners alike. Advances in technology and manufacturing have now paved the way for a more modern, technologically sophisticated variant of wood doors known as engineered doors. A pioneer in engineered wood doors, Mikasa Doors offers a complete door solution including the door leaf, frame, and ironmongery as a single package. Read along as we explore the various elements that go into the making of our engineered wood door and frame designs.

Door Leaf Core

Mikasa’s range of engineered wood doors come in two core options: solid particle core and tubular core. While the solid particle core comes with a high-performance triple-layer density core, the tubular core features an extremely stable core with an LVL style and rail. Available in varying thicknesses including 32 mm, 35 mm, and 38 mm, you can not only choose a preferred thickness but also a core that fits your requirements the most.

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Door Frame Design

The engineered wood doors offered by Mikasa Doors feature two main door frame types: rebated frames and engineered frames. The rebated frame features a solid hardwood core, whereas engineered frames come in two offerings featuring a solid hardwood core as well as an LVL core.

Finishing Options

Depending on your aesthetic needs and requirements, you can choose from three main finishing options— decorative veneers, decorative laminates, and paint. You can pick from an exhaustive collection of decorative veneers from Decowood Veneers, laminates by Greenlam Laminates, or simply opt for a paint finish.

Intumescent Strip

Mikasa Doors’ engineered wood doors come equipped with an intumescent strip that expands and seals the gap between the door and frame in the wake of a fire hazard or when the temperature reaches 180 degree Celsius.

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Doorsets sold by Mikasa come pre-fitted with hardware accessories such as hinges, locks, and handles that complement the design and allow for quick and hassle-free installation.


Available in both clockwise and anti-clockwise swing, Mikasa’s range of engineered wood doors come in single and double leaf designs, allowing you to pick the configuration for your requirements.

The Last Word

Offering the same benefits of a hardwood door, engineered wood doors come with better protection against moisture, require relatively less upkeep, and cost significantly lower. This means that you can now receive all the benefits of a hardwood door plus some more at a lesser price point when buying engineered wood doors. A unit of the surfacing solutions behemoth Greenlam Industries, Mikasa Doors brings you a range of elegant, well-made, and durable engineered wood doorsets. If you have any questions or wish to discuss your requirements, write to us at info@mikasadoors.com or simply call 1800-833-0004, and we will take it from there.