A Brief Guide to Selecting Interior Wood Doors

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No matter the kind of decor you are going for, having unity among all of the design elements involved is always a prerequisite. The right wood door design can help you create harmony in all your spaces, and that is when you can count on a trusted brand such as Mikasa. Choosing interior wood doors, however, can be challenging. So, to help, in this blog post, we present all you need to know to select the right indoor wood doors for your property. Read on.

Interior Door Design

What makes a space a design success is the ability of every piece to work well with the other elements. This establishes a uniform style, which is interpreted by the human mind as beauty. If you are working on any interior design project, it is important to keep this in mind.
By matching your doors to the rest of your space, you will create the desired visual effect. But, what wood door design should you choose? In order to determine this, we first have to take a look at the many different types of doors available in the market.

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The Types Of Wood Door Designs


Depending on the space you are working on, you can choose to work with a single or double wooden doors design.

Double doors can work as a great transition element, connecting indoor and outdoor areas of your home. Main entrances or large rooms might also benefit from the style statement of double door design.

Single doors, on the other hand, can also provide great beauty to your home. Choosing sleek doors that match your wall paint can easily blend in and become nearly invisible. This will make your rooms and hallways appear bigger.

Core Options

Different types of doors are built using different materials in their core. A door leaf’s core is extremely important as it provides your doors function, durability, and stability. Modern wooden doors feature the strongest materials, resulting in superior performance.

Mikasa primarily offers two types of cores in our door leaves. The solid particle core is a high-density material made up of a triple layer board and wood chips, whereas the tubular core component is made out of a high performance tubular core with LVL stile and rail. These materials provide exceptional durability to our doors, allowing them to perform for years.

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The main element determining the look of a wood door design is the surface. After all, the surface of a door is the most visible part of a door.

A different surface can result in a completely different looking door. The best style of door for your home will vary depending on your color palette, decor style, and budget. You can choose a luxurious wood veneer finish or go for a practical and durable laminate. Both of these options are available in an infinite amount of designs. Additionally, you can opt for a wooden door with a painted surface and match your door to your wall paint.

Looking for Indoor Wood Door Designs? Look No More!

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