Answering 5 Frequently Asked Questions About Fire-rated Wood Doors

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Fire-rated wood doors are designed to control fire and smoke from leaking and spreading during an outbreak. Most people have a superficial understanding of the differences between ordinary doors and fire-rated wooden doors due to lack of sufficient information. If you are planning to install wooden fire doors and accessories, Mikasa has got you covered. We offer premium quality fire rated wood doors that are engineered to efficiently stop or retard fire. Continuing further, let’s look at answers to 5 frequently asked questions about wooden fire-rated doors and accessories. Read on.

1. What are Wooden Fire Doors?

Fire-rated wood doors are engineered in a way that they can prevent fire and smoke from leaking and spreading in case of an outbreak. Doors from reputable manufacturers such as Mikasa come with an integrated fire protection system and a wide range of fire ratings from which to choose including FD30 (30 minutes resistance and 44mm thickness), FD60 (60 minutes resistance and 54mm), and FD90 (90 minutes resistance and 64mm thickness).

2. How are Fire-rated Wood Doors Different From Standard Doors?

Fire doors come with intumescent strips that expand in case of extreme temperatures to prevent the spread of smoke and fire in case of an outbreak. Besides, these doors are generally installed in commercial places like hospitals, hotels, and malls which are more prone to fire and come with a certification by a structural safety authority. For instance, Mikasa fire door sets comply with BS 476 Part-22 and are certified by EXOVA-BM TRADA, UK. All these features are not available in standard doors.

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3. What are the Available Finish Options For Wooden Fire Doors and Frames?

Fire-rated doors come in a wide range of finishes such as plywood, MDF, veneers, print grade, pre-primed, and metal facings. Mikasa fire doors are manufactured with solid core wood. You can choose from three finish options including decorative veneers, paint finishes, and decorative laminates. The frames are also available in polished/stained, laminated, veneered, and paint finish options.

4. Do Fire Doors Require Maintenance?

When fire doors have experienced no outbreak or major damage, they require a maintenance check every six months. In case of any evident damage, it is always recommended to call an expert and get them repaired immediately so that they are safe and functional in the event of a fire accident. During maintenance checks, it is important to focus on the functionality of intumescent strips and the ironmongery including hinges, handles, locks, and latches.

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5. What are the Typical Accessories That Come With Fire Doors?

Mikasa fire doors come with a door leaf that is pre-hung in a frame, fire and smoke seals, door hinges, safety bolt, tower bolt, door viewers, and a double door attachment. All fire door sets are pre-hung and fully certified to provide the highest level of protection to occupants. They are guaranteed to pass all the fire safety regulations as they are manufactured with materials that prevent them from combusting in case of a fire outbreak.

Wrap Up

Fire-rated doors & doorsets are one of the best choices for places that are prone to smoke and fire such as laboratories, factories, hospitals, kitchens, and institutions. If you are planning to install high-quality fire-rated doors & doorsets at your commercial spaces, look no further than Mikasa. To learn more about available wooden fire doors and accessories, fill out our contact form or write to us at