A Beginner’s Guide To Fire Rated Doorsets

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Fire doorsets are designed to survive prolonged exposure to fire. They work to stop or delay the spread of fire and smoke from one space to the other. Fire doorsets consist of a door leaf, frame, and a number of auxiliary components such as an intumescent seal and door hinges that are specifically designed to be used with fire doors. Mikasa fire doors & door sets are available in the options of FD30, FD60, FD90 and FD120 with resistance of 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes, respectively. In this blog, we share a beginner’s guide to fire-rated doorsets.

Key features of fire rated doors

Here are some key features of fire doorsets:

  • The door core is a high performance solid particle core with density in the range of 620 – 850 kg/m3 while the frame density is more than 630 kg/m3.
  • The door frame is made using high density hardwood or LVL core depending upon the desired fire rating.
  • The intumescent seal around the edges of the door is designed to expand when the surrounding temperature is above 180°C. This helps to seal the gaps between the frame and the door.

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When it comes to buying a fire retardant door, it’s crucial that you understand what the various specifications mean. The FD code specifies the number of minutes a door can withstand a fire; for example, an FD60 has been tested to endure 60 minutes of fire. Available codes are FD30, FD60, FD90, and FD120, all of which have passed the fire resistance test for integrity, stability, and insulation as per BS 476 Part 20, BS 476 Part 22, and IS 3614 Part 2.

How are fire doorsets different from standard doors?

Fire doors are meant to slow the spread of fire and smoke, giving the occupants of a building enough time to evacuate while allowing for ample response time from the fire service. A fire door is made of a high-performance solid-core material with density in the range of 620 – 850 kg/m3. The frame is made of high density hardwood or LVL core and has a density of more than 640 kg/m3. Their rating has to do with how long they can withstand heat and flames. The most basic classification is FD30, which provides 30-minutes of fire resistance. As mentioned earlier, fire doors have intumescent strips fixed around their edges. These strips remain dormant during normal use but expand rapidly when exposed to severe heat, sealing the space between the door and the door frame and forming a fire and smoke barrier.

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About Mikasa Doors

Mikasa Doors brings to you a range of fire rated doors and accessories that are engineered to form a reliable part of your overall fire protection system. Mikasa fire doorsets are certified by IPIRTI, CBRI, and other key government organizations and our products adhere to BS 476 Part 22, BM Trada, and Q-Mark fire safety standards. Our fire-rated doorsets help keep people and property safe in the event of a fire and also bring unmatched aesthetic appeal. If you are looking for high-quality fire-retardant doors and accessories, look no further than Mikasa Doors. Our fire-rated doors and door sets come with all necessary attachments, making the installation process easy. To discuss your requirements, call 1800 833 0004 Toll Free or email info@mikasadoors.com. You can also fill out our Contact Form.