A 3-Step Inspection Checklist for Fire Rated Wood Doorsets

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Fire rated doorsets are specialty doorsets that aim to contain fire and toxic fumes from spreading in case of an outbreak. If such doorsets don’t close properly or have damaged seals, they fail to serve their purpose at the time of need. While premium fire rated doors are built to perform seamlessly even in the most demanding conditions, it is essential to perform periodic inspections to keep them in top shape. To help, in this blog post, we bring to you a three-step inspection checklist for fire rated wood doorsets. Take a look.

1.Check the Door Gaps

If wooden fire doors have any gaps around the door frame, they may not be able to contain fire in case of an outbreak. To ensure your fire rated doorsets do not fail when the hour of need strikes, check the door gaps whenever you perform a routine inspection. Ideally, fire rated doors should have a gap of 3mm on the top and side of the door frame, whereas on the base, the ideal gap is 7mm.

2.Look for Damaged Seals

Intumescent strips are the main part installed in fire rated doors, that prevent the spreading of smoke and fire in case of an outbreak. These strips, if damaged, defeat the purpose of having fire rated doors. Therefore, when inspecting fire resistant doors, make sure you check and replace the seals, if damaged.

3.Check for Loose Door Hinges

Another important part of fire doors that you must inspect are hinges. Make sure all hinges are tightly fixed on the door frame and none of the screws are missing. Hinges keep a fire door intact; therefore, if you find any loose door hinges, it is essential to tighten the screw or replace them, if required.

Wrap Up

Fire rated doorsets are the perfect choice for spaces that are prone to fire, such as laboratories, educational institutes, industrial facilities, hospitals, and other such establishments. If you are looking for premium fire rated doorsets, look no further than Mikasa. We offer an extensive range of front door designs for both commercial and residential properties.  To discuss your requirement, fill out our contact form or write to us at info@mikasadoors.com.