7 Ways Mikasa Doors is Contributing To a Sustainable Future

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When buying wooden doors, factors that are usually considered include the type of wooden door, door design, and wooden door frame & leaf compatibility. Today, however, one more factor is increasingly being considered by discerning buyers, and for good reason. Customers are increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of what they buy including the wooden door manufacturing process. It’s an important consideration as it separates responsible manufacturers from those that only focus on making profits, even at the cost of life and the planet. Continuing the discussion, in this post, we are going to look at how Mikasa Doors is contributing to a sustainable future.

1. Ensuring zero effluent discharge from our plants.

Industrial waste, fuelled by unsustainable consumption, continues to contaminate our soil and water. Mikasa is focused on ensuring a solvent-free production process that not only reduces the emission of lacrimation causing fugitive emissions, but also helps ensure zero effluent discharge from our plants. We do this through continuous research and improvement of our products and processes.

2. Sourcing only from responsibly managed forests.

Mikasa is committed to the cause of conserving forests, which is why we rely only on responsibly managed forests for our raw material requirement. Our claim of commitment to sustainable and responsible management of natural resources is backed by the fact that all our products are FSC® and PEFC certified.

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3. Manufacturing safe and non-hazardous products.

We manufacture wooden doors using materials that are completely safe and non-hazardous. None of the materials fall in the ‘Deleterious Materials’ list. Besides, we also ensure that there’s no use of copper, asbestos, chromate, lead, arsenate compound, or any other heavy material during the manufacturing process.

4. Manufacturing products that comply with international quality standards.

We comply with all the international standards of formalin, VOCs, and other allied chemical constituents’ emissions, ensuring buyers that our wooden doors are safe. We have also received the Greenguard, Green Label (Singapore), Greenguard Gold, and EN 16516 certifications.

5. Practicing effective waste management.

Reduce, reuse, and recycle is the mantra that we follow. We have not only managed to reduce waste associated with our production process through real time monitoring of resources, but have also been able to prevent the falling of at least 8000 trees through our paper waste recycling initiatives.

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6. Ensuring responsible logistics.

As the country’s pollution levels continue to rise, we take all the necessary precautions to ensure that we do not add to the already aggravated problem. Mikasa promotes the distribution of its products through the use of low gas emitting and fuel efficient vehicles that help contribute to a clean and toxic-free air.

7. Making full use of renewable energy resources.

At Mikasa, we appreciate how the use of renewable energy resources can help reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to a greener planet. That is why we use 13 million kilos of biofuel and 0.3 million watts of energy annually from our solar plants. This helps us to significantly cut down our carbon footprint.

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