5 Reasons Why Engineered Wood Doors Are in High Demand

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Wood is a widely used resource in interior and exterior construction of both residential and commercial properties. Besides promising great aesthetic appeal, wood, when transformed into an engineered wood product, can offer a number of other benefits such as increased lifespan and ease of maintenance. That is the reason why an increasing number of architects and designers are now turning to engineered wood doors. Continuing on the subject, we present some of the key reasons behind the increasing popularity of engineered wood doors. Read on.

1. Elegant Appeal

One of the major benefits of engineered wood doors is that they impart a classy look to your home or office. A door made up of engineered wood provides a warm welcome to guests at home and gives a sophisticated impression of your business, if used in an office space. Earlier, traditional hardwood was the only way to achieve this royal look. But now, home and office owners can replicate the same with engineered wood doors.

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2. Environment-Friendly

Engineered wood doors use a high-quality wood in the form of thin sheets that form the surface whereas the core is made of a different species of wood that is easier to reproduce. Moreover, compared to solid wood doors, manufacturing engineered wooden doors requires less number of trees to be cut. The amount of wood used to make one solid wood door can be used to prepare veneer sheets for multiple doors.

3. Affordable

While almost everyone loves the timeless charm of wood, not many are able to afford the high costs that come along solid wood doors. The cost of hardwood doors is usually way more than engineered wood doors. If you are on a budget, going for solid wood doors will probably be out of question. That’s when engineered wooden front doors offer an affordable option that ensures you get the maximum value for your money.

4. Variety of Options

The layered and composite construction of engineered wood doors gives designers the ability to come up with more options. The variety of colors and textures is an added benefit. Moreover, being mainly made using high tech machinery, engineered wood doors require less time as compared to hardwood doors. Another great distinction of engineered wooden front doors is they can be easily used in places with arches and curved walls, allowing enough flexibility to architects and designs to manifest their creative genius.

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5. Enhanced Lifespan

As a heavy-duty glue is used to bind together the wood or veneer, engineered wood doors usually outlast hardwood doors. The manufacturing process also gives engineered wood doors the strength to withstand harsh seasonal effects. Moreover, engineered wood doors are fairly resistant to rotting, as moisture doesn’t affect them as much as it does solid wood doors.

Wrap Up

Engineered wood front doors, being appealing, affordable and durable, are the perfect option for those have wish to give an elegant look to their living spaces without having to burn a hole in the pocket. If you too are looking for engineered wooden front doors, check out the collection offered by Mikasa, one of India’s leading brands offering an exquisite selection of premium quality engineered wooden doors. To discuss your requirement or learn more about any of our products, fill out our contact form or write to us at info@mikasadoors.com.