5 Reasons Why Engineered Wood Doors are Ideal for Your Project

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They say, “don’t judge a book by its cover”, but do people really follow this age-old adage? Not really! As soon as one lays their eyes on a property, they start making all sorts of assumptions, many of which may not be true. The first impression is enough for most people to form an opinion or expectation about the quality of your business, services and/or products. That is the reason why you can’t leave any loose ends when it comes to choosing wooden entrance doors. If you are unsure about the best option for your project, we present not one but five reasons why engineered wood doors make the perfect cut. Read on.

1. Exceptional Durability

Engineered wood doors promise all that’s good about hardwood doors, minus the vulnerability to warping and cracking. Yes, that’s right! When you invest in engineered wood doors, you not only get the same untainted natural charm of real wood doors but also get exceptional durability that is always a concern in the latter. That is what’s called the “best of both worlds”!

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2. Impeccable Finish

Gone are the days when wooden doors used to have anomalies such as lumps and uneven sections. Engineered wood doors are manufactured using cutting-edge technology that ensures an impeccable finish. That is one of the reasons why an increasing number of property owners are turning to engineered wood doors over the alternatives available in the market.

3. Contemporary Appeal

If you are looking to create a truly modern appeal, you cannot go wrong with engineered wood doors. In addition to going for veneer surfacing, which gives you the look and feel of real wood, you can also take your pick from a wide pool of HPL (high-pressure laminate) surface options. Of course, the option to go for paint finish in solid, vibrant colours is also always there!

4. Easy Maintenance

Another key reason attributable to the increasing popularity of engineered wood doors is their exceptional ease of maintenance. On one hand, their surface is fairly resistant to dust and stains, on the other, they are remarkably easy to clean. In most cases, a damp cloth and mild cleaning agent are enough to get the job done.

5. Extensive Warranty

Last but not least, is the gift of peace of mind. Engineered wood doors from leading brands such as Mikasa Doors come with an extensive performance guarantee that can go up to 5 years. While engineered wood doors are built to last for much more than that (up to 30 years or more!), you can simply let the brand take care of all your performance related concerns during the guarantee period.

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The Final Word

Whether you are looking for fire rated or non-fire-rated doorsets, the options available in the market are plenty. The team at Mikasa, one of the leading brands of engineered wood doors in India, has got you covered. To discuss your requirements or learn more about our engineered wooden doors and doorsets, fill out our contact form or write to us at info@mikasadoors.com and one of our experts will get back to you soon.