5 Reasons to Upgrade to Mikasa Engineered Wood Doors

Non fire rated doors & accessories from Mikasa Doors in India

A door is the entrance to the world of the people behind it, and therefore, must be chosen with care. Moreover, different types of doors are designed with different things in mind. Bedroom and bathroom doors, for instance, protect your privacy, whereas fire rated doorsets are designed to contain the spread of fire in case of an outbreak. Whether the need is tied to your home or workplace, engineered wood doors represent a safe choice. To validate the notion, we present five undeniable reasons to upgrade to premium engineered wood doors from Mikasa. Take a look.

1. Perfectly Matched Door and Frame

One of the key reasons to upgrade to Mikasa non fire rated doorsets is the perfect match between the door and frame. Whether the surface option you select for the door is laminate, veneer or paint, you can expect a perfectly matched frame that blends seamlessly with the door.

2. Tailored Size

Unlike traditional doors that often demand resizing, the engineered wood doors from Mikasa are made as per your exact requirements. This not only saves the time and money that generally goes into resizing and adaptation of traditional doors, it also means longer lifespan of the visual appeal.

3. UV Protection

Mikasa engineered wood doors not only look great, they are also built to last for a lifetime; thanks to the UV lacquer and polishing line used in the manufacturing process that is formulated and conforms with the latest European standards. What you get is unmatched lifespan and therefore value for money.

4. Factory Matched Hardware

When you invest in Mikasa engineered wood doorsets, you not only get world-class doors and frames, but also premium factory matched hardware manufactured in compliance with superlative quality standards. That also partially explains the exceptional lifespan of our engineered wood doors.

5. Lifetime Performance

When you invest in a door, it goes without saying that you wouldn’t want to make the same investment again any time soon. Being factory finished, the engineered wood doors from Mikasa do not require repolishing or regular maintenance, and also come with a 5-year performance warranty.

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Wrap Up

The overall design and appeal of a property is greatly influenced by the doors that you use. While appearance is an important factor, you also can’t let other factors such as ease of maintenance and lifespan take a backseat. Whether you are looking for high-quality fire rated doorsets or non fire rated doorsets, look no further than Mikasa. Take your pick from an extensive range of designs. Mikasa offers premium engineered wood doors for both commercial and residential properties. To discuss your requirements, fill out our contact form or write to us at info@mikasadoors.com.