5 Reasons to Invest in Mikasa Doors

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Doors are an integral component of any interior. Interior doors provide privacy and security, help in minimizing noise, provide separation between two rooms, and help define the overall aesthetics of the space. That’s why it is vital to choose a door that not only complements the decor, but also stands the test of time. When it comes to providing high-quality wooden doors, Mikasa Doors is among the top names and is known for its splendid range of different types of wooden doors for both commercial and residential spaces. Continuing on the topic, read on as we discuss the five reasons to invest in Mikasa interior doors.

Stable Core

Mikasa’s wooden doors are made to last, while delivering unwavering functionality, which stems from their highly stable core. Mikasa engineered wooden doors come in two core options, which are:

  • Tubular Core: This is a highly-stable core made from superior-grade Laminated Veneer Lumbar (LVL) stile & rail and comes with a density of 520 kg/m3.
  • Solid Particle Core: The solid particle core is a high-performance triple-layer density core that comes in a density range of 500 to 850 kg/m3.

Owing to their high density, both core options are equally stable and contribute to the longevity of the door leaf.

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Superior Raw Materials

Mikasa Doors manufactures door sets in compliance with global manufacturing standards. We employ high-quality, responsibly sourced and imported raw materials. For surfacing requirements, we deploy world-class surfacing materials such as engineered laminates from Greenlam Laminates, veneers from Decowood Veneers, or paint, according to your preference. Our premium wooden doors come with a 5-year performance warranty, making it an ideal choice when searching for premium wooden doors.

A Complete Package

We provide ready-to-install complete door solutions such as doors, frames, and accessories that eliminate the need for resizing and sanding at the installation site. Our fully-finished single doorset units come right at the time of construction to match the on-site requirements, which minimizes the risk of post-construction changes to the doorset such as aperture size. This also ensures easy installation, a perfect result, and zero aesthetic mismatch between the frame and the leaf. You can choose from different door frame types, which are rebated frames and engineered frames (LVL, MDF, and Hardwood).

Endless Surface Options

When it comes to surfacing material options, you can choose from HPL sheets and veneers that come with a wide range of design options, textures, colour shades best suited for any type of decor theme. Let’s take a look at these surfacing options:

  • Decorative Laminates: Our rich catalogue features laminates in various solid colours, wood patterns, metallic finishes, and textures. 
  • Decorative Veneers: We also offer an exhaustive collection of wood veneers from Greenlam’s Decowood brand. The veneers are pre-polished with a UV process to promote uniformity and longevity. 
  • Paint Finishes: We provide fully painted doors in compliance with RAL or any other global standards.

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Additional Attributes

Apart from a premium visual appeal, seamless functionality, and exceptional durability, our engineered wooden doors are endowed with several additional attributes including anti-microbial properties. Depending on your requirement, you can also get Mikasa engineered wooden doors with features such as fire resistance and sound-dampening. A team of specialists is always at hand to assist you in identifying the best door design and learning about all its attributes.

About Mikasa Doors

When looking for premium quality entrance or interior doors, look no further than Mikasa Doors, a brand from the house of Greenlam Industries. We manufacture different types of wooden doors including non-fire-rated, fire-rated, and specialty doors to meet your requirements and bring your vision to life. To discuss your requirements, call our toll-free number 1800-833-0004 or email info@mikasadoors.com. Alternatively, you can fill out our enquire now form, and we will respond at the earliest.