4 Ways To Make Your Interior Door Design a Centrepiece of Your Space

Types of wooden doors and frames from Mikasa Doors

Interior doors essentially tie the decor of each room together, providing a cohesive look to the entire space. That’s why it is crucial to carefully consider door design, the materials used in construction, and hardware during building and renovation. While wooden doors are a popular choice for interior doors, they can be costly and require high maintenance. An excellent alternative to wooden doors is engineered wooden doors. When searching for high-quality engineered wooden doors, look no further than Mikasa Doors. In this blog, we will present four ways in which you can make your interior door design the centrepiece of your space.

First things First: Choose the Right Type of Wooden Door

The type of wooden door significantly affects the door’s aesthetics and functionality. Engineered wooden doors are considered a suitable option due to their sustainability, beauty, and durability. These doors feature a layer of natural wood on top of a tubular core, providing sustainability. The MDF base makes the door resistant to bending and protects it from natural wear and tear. Meanwhile, the layer of natural wood on top offers a unique appearance and the warmth of nature. Mikasa Doors offer a comprehensive collection of engineered wooden doors, catering to your diverse decor needs. You can also choose between 3 finishing options- veneer, laminate, and paint. 

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Mix and Match Door Frame Design

Matching door and frame designs provide a uniform and organized look to your space. However, achieving this cohesive look can be challenging when sourcing doors and frames from different vendors. As a one-stop solution, Mikasa Doors offers a wide range of factory-finished engineered doors and door sets to provide a coherent look to your space. With Mikasa Doors’ various door frame types, you can achieve a sophisticated and elegant look.

Experiment with Colour and Finishes

The colours and finishes of doors grab attention and make them stand out. Contrasting the doors with the wall colour creates a clear boundary and gives the right impression of the opening. Finishes enhance both the aesthetics and strength of the door. For example, a decorative veneer finish provides a sophisticated look and facilitates easy maintenance. Mikasa Doors understands your decor needs and offers a wide range of engineered doors in various colours and finishes, ranging from veneer to laminates to paint, allowing you to make your door the centrepiece of your decor.

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Incorporate Decorative Hardware and Accessories

Decorative hardware and accessories enhance the beauty of your interior doors. Door hinges, stoppers, bolts, and attachments are among the hardware and accessories that contribute to making your interior doors attractive and attention-seeking. Mikasa Doors offers high-quality pre-fitted door hardware and accessories to provide a seamless look to your interior doors. The hardware is crafted using advanced CNC machinery, ensuring strength, durability, and aesthetics.

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