4 Tips to Avoid/Contain a Fire Outbreak in Commercial Spaces

Avoiding fire in commercial spaces through Fire doors and doorsets from Mikasa Doors

A fire outbreak is a potentially dangerous situation that can result in the loss of life and property. Commercial spaces, which experience high traffic, are particularly susceptible to fire outbreaks, leading to significant losses. To prevent or mitigate fire outbreaks in commercial spaces, national building authorities have made the installation of fire doors mandatory. When searching for fire doors, it is important to choose a reputable brand like Mikasa Doors, which offers standard fire-rated doorsets for optimal protection. In addition to installing fire-rated doorsets, there are a few other tips for containing fire outbreaks in commercial spaces. In this blog, we will present four tips to help you avoid or mitigate fire outbreaks in commercial settings.

Install Fire Doors

Fire-rated doors feature integrity and insulation to restrict the spread of fire through gas escape or heat transfer, respectively. They also have automatic closure mechanisms and durability to ensure the safe escape of occupants. The fire resistance of doors can vary based on time regulations for resistant doors. Among all the materials used for fire doors, wooden doors can be an excellent choice as they provide protection without compromising on aesthetic appeal. Reputable brands like Mikasa Doors offer a range of aesthetically appealing fire-rated doorsets specifically manufactured for commercial spaces to retard the spread of fumes and fire and provide a safe exit.

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Turn Off the Electrical Appliances when Not in Use

Voltage fluctuation is a common problem in many countries, and it can lead to the malfunctioning of electrical appliances. In addition to damaging electrical appliances, a single spark caused by a voltage surge can trigger a fire outbreak. To prevent fire outbreaks, it is recommended to turn off all electronic appliances such as lights, air conditioners, and computers when they are not in use. It is also important to exercise caution and sensitivity when using certain appliances.

Inspect the Heating Sources and Maintain the Wires

The malfunctioning of heating sources, such as air conditioners and wires, can trigger fires, making regular cleaning and maintenance essential. Wires have a tendency to heat up during use, so it is advisable to avoid placing them under carpets or near flammable items. Additionally, when plugging them in, make sure to check for any damage, as damaged wires can lead to fire outbreaks. It is important to regularly clean air conditioner filters to prevent them from overheating and causing fire outbreaks.

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Keep Fire Extinguishers on Every Floor

Fire extinguishers are essential tools for controlling fire outbreaks. They contain an agent that cools the burning heat and eliminates supporting elements, preventing the fire from continuing to burn and ensuring safety. Therefore, it is necessary to have fire extinguishers on every floor of commercial buildings. When used by a trained individual, portable fire extinguishers can quickly control fire outbreaks, enabling a safe escape from the building.

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