4 Things to Consider When Choosing Bedroom Doors

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Doors are a crucial element of your interior and can make a huge impact in the interior design scheme of your home. While bedroom doors are designed to provide privacy, regulate temperature and buffer noise, their visual impact contributes to the theme of your home and makes a lasting impression. When choosing bedroom doors for your home, select designs that are consistent and coherent with your decor, and also have an underlying design theme that binds them. To help you make an informed buying decision, we present a list of four things to consider when choosing bedroom doors. Read on.

1. Style

Although the purpose of a bedroom door is more functional than decorative, it is essential in establishing your interior design theme. Your door must blend well with the existing theme of your interior while also reflecting the overall style of your home. Some popular styles in doors include French doors, glass panels, flush doors, and mirrored doors. While glass or mirrored doors offer a modern touch, wooden bedroom doors bring a rustic charm and unique sophisticated appeal, making them a sought-after choice.

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2. Size

Bedroom doors are commonly sold in standard sizes, which often require resizing if they do not fit the door and frame in your property. If you do not want to bother with such hassles of having to resize doors post purchase, go for factory finished doorsets, which include the frame, door leaf, and ironmongery all sold as a single unit. They can be installed easily, do not require resizing and last longer than regular doors.

3. Frame

Door frames are often overlooked and neglected while purchasing a door. An improper selection in a frame for your door can even go to the extent of spoiling the overall aesthetics and might even cause damage to your doors. Opting for factory finished doorsets, like we mentioned earlier, helps you obtain door frames that are fully compatible with the door leaf, giving you a perfect finish.

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4. Material

You now have access to a wide range of bedroom door materials to choose from, starting from aluminium and fiberglass to vinyl and wood. While hardwood has been a common choice for ages, it does have its own drawbacks, such as poor dimensional stability, lack of moisture resistance, and warping. Thanks to modern manufacturing, we now have engineered wooden doors that not only replicate the good looks of hardwood but also do away with the downsides, giving you truly durable and aesthetically appealing wooden bedroom doors.

The Last Word

Bedroom doors require thoughtful attention while being purchased. The right doors will be able to withstand changing climatic conditions without undergoing any changes, add character and style to your home, while being simple to install and easy to maintain. Mikasa is your one-stop-shop producing engineered wooden doors which have high dimensional stability and unmatched performance. Available in a wide range of options, our bedroom door designs in engineered wood are offered as factory finished doorsets, making them a truly hassle-free solution. To discuss your wooden bedroom door design requirements, call us at +91 11 42791399 or write to us at info@mikasadoors.com.