4 Reasons Why Teak Wooden Doors Make the Best Interior Doors

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Teak wooden doors exude elegance and grandeur. They lend a regal touch to the spaces where they are installed. Besides, teak wooden doors are highly durable and offer unmatched dimensional stability. No wonder, teak wooden doors are the first choice for customers looking for interior doors for their homes or commercial properties. That, however, is just the tip of the iceberg, as there are many other benefits of installing teak wooden doors. Let’s delve deeper to find out what makes teak wooden doors one of the best interior doors. 

1. They are available in alluring designs.

Teak displays natural charm and divine beauty in its natural brown color. The brown tinge adds warmth to spaces where the flooring is installed. The best part is that teak wood is not just aesthetically appealing, but it is also available in a myriad of designs, all thanks to its countless grain and color patterns. 

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2. They are highly durable.

Teak is a highly durable and long-lasting natural material, which makes it an ideal choice for manufacturing both interior and exterior doors. The large quantities of natural oil and rubber present in its fibers offer high dimensional stability and also make it resilient to extreme climate changes.

3. They require minimal maintenance.

One of the best things about teak wooden doors is that they are easy to maintain. All that is required is a simple wipe-down using a cotton cloth to retain its original sheen. Also, teak wooden doors are naturally immune to issues such as warping, splitting, or rotting, which means you don’t need to put in any extra effort to maintain the doors.

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4. They are resistant to pests and infestation.

Teak’s resistance to pests and infestation is another major reason teak wood is one of the most preferred wood species used for manufacturing interior doors. Teak’s high oil content makes it highly resilient to termites and other insects that are known to cause substantial damage to other wood species. 

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