4 Factors that Affect the Aesthetics of a Door

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Doors are among the elemental components for any building, contributing to both functionality and aesthetics. The visual impact of a door can make or break the overall look of any space. Careful selection of doors is important to make sure that they complement the overall theme and aesthetics of the entire space. In this blog post, we will discuss some major factors that affect the aesthetics of a door.

1. Door Style and Material

There is a variety of choices when it comes to door materials including solid wood, engineered wood, laminated doors, steel doors, and glass doors. Out of these, solid wood doors and engineered doors are the most commonly preferred choice. Engineered wood doors bring a combination of strength and stability. They are available in two core options – solid particle core and tubular core, both of which boast impeccable performance.

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2. Hardware and Accessories

Door hardware parts and accessories such as doorknob, hinges, and deadbolts also affect the overall look and feel of a door. They are available in a variety of finishes such as brass, pewter, nickel, chrome, and black. Choose the accessories and door hardware finish according to the décor theme you are following. Also, make sure that the hardware and accessories are high quality and capable of bearing heavy usage.

3. Door Frames

Door frames are usually overlooked but they have an important role in defining the look of a door and the overall space. A wrong choice of door frame can affect the functionality of the door, safety, and thermal performance. Instead of buying a door leaf and frame separately, buy a door set featuring a factory-finished leaf and frame. This ensures a perfect fit as well as optimal performance.

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4. Trims and Moldings

Utilizing trims and moldings can turn an ordinary door into the focal point of interior design. You can use them to cover the transition between door frames and the walls. There is an array of trims and moldings available with plenty of designs and colors to choose from to give your doors a distinct look.

Wrap Up

A door is, undoubtedly, an elemental component for any building. Careful selection of doors and accessories can help in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the overall space. Mikasa doors from Greenlam offers a huge collection of wood door designs available in an array of vivid colors, finishes, and patterns that present countless creative options. To learn more about our collection of doors and frames or to discuss your requirements, call +91 11 42791399 or email info@mikasadoors.com.