4 Components to Consider When Buying a Wooden Doorset

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Wooden doorsets are a great choice when looking the best when it comes to performance and aesthetic appeal. They add elegance, warmth, and a vibrant texture to the decor and are suitable for both traditional and modern design themes in residential and commercial spaces. When it comes to buying a wooden door set, functionality and aesthetics are considered to be the most important factors. The best way to assess the quality of a door is to look at the different components that make up a wooden doorset.

Wooden Door Frame

The wooden door frame, a framework that supports the door, contributes significantly to its aesthetics and functionality. The seamless movement of a door depends on how perfectly the door frame is designed to accommodate the door leaf. Another crucial aspect of a wooden door frame that makes it vital from a functionality standpoint is its core, as it determines the suitability of the frame for non-fire and fire-rated applications. These are:

Rebated Frames

Rebated door frames combine the frame and doorstop together in one piece. These are easy to install and extremely stable. Rebated frames are highly stable and made using solid hardwood with a density ranging from 650 to 950 kg/m3.

Engineered Frames

Engineered door frames feature a door stopper and are installed “after construction” — like a piece of furniture, allowing flexible design options for interior designers, architects, and homeowners. Based on composition, engineered door frames are of two types:

  • Hardwood Frame: As the name suggests, this door frame is made from real hardwood.
  • LVL Frame: LVL or Laminated Veneer Lumber frame is made with multiple layers of thin wood that are glued together with adhesives, making them extremely resilient.

Engineered door frames (both hardwood and LVL) come in a density range of 520 to 950 kg/m3.

Door Leaf Core

A door leaf or simply door is the swinging part of the door set. Door leaves should be aesthetically alluring, functionally seamless, and strong enough to withstand impact and weather extremes and changes. Mikasa offers two types of door leaf cores. These are:

Solid Particle Core

Made from Triple Layer Density Particle Board and high-density wood chips, door leaves featuring a solid particle core are long-lasting and display high levels of performance.

Tubular Core

Owing to a composition featuring LVL Stile and Rail, the tubular core makes door leaves highly stable, contributing to their strength and longevity.


Ironmongery refers to accessories that go with a doorset installation. Contemporary decor themes require ironmongery that strikes a balance between visual appeal and performance. When it comes to door frame and leaf installation, ironmongery includes metal handles, hinges, screws, latches, flush bolts, door stoppers, and locks. Mikasa employs advanced CNC machinery to provide a complete factory-made doorset package with each product chosen to meet all technical requirements.

Surfacing Material

Another important consideration when buying wooden doors is the surfacing material. Mikasa offers three surfacing material options to choose from according to your decor. These are:

Wood Veneers

Made from thin-slicing wooden logs, wood veneers are a perfect pick if you want a cost-effective alternative that delivers the natural appeal of real wood. Mikasa offers veneers from Decowood Veneers, opening your world to a wide range of elegant wood veneers that come in various textures and tree species such as American Maple, Olive Ash, and Noirwood Platino Dark Grain Teak veneer.

High-Pressure Laminates

High-pressure laminates are among top surfacing materials that boast different attributes such as a whole range of colours, high durability, unmatched performance, and anti-microbial properties. You can choose from laminates from Greenlam, one of the leading producers of HPL sheets. You get access to world-class engineered laminates that come in a myriad of colours and textures to go with any decor theme.


Mikasa also provides paint finishes in any colour shade of your choice. The paints are made with RAL or any other global standards.

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