4 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing a Wood Door Design

Wooden Door Designs from Mikasa Doors

Quality wooden doors are one of the best investments for your home for a variety of reasons. Wooden doors are durable, stylish, and available in a variety of design options. It can sometimes be overwhelming to make the right selection that suits your home and style due to the sheer number of options that confront you whenever you set out shopping. When choosing doors for your living spaces, it is important to think and rethink every detail to make sure that you take the right pick. Doors are extensively used in most settings which is why they should be robust enough to withstand everyday wear and tear and ensure different ambient conditions. In this blog post, we will discuss four common mistakes to avoid while selecting a wood door design. .

1. Not Having Proper Measurements

When it comes to buying doors that produce a perfect fit, having accurate measurements is a must. Wood door designs from Mikasa Doors and Frames come as a complete set of leaf and frame that is ready to install. It is recommended to have a pro to get the measurements for you as any mistake can result in you buying a door with wrong dimensions. You don’t want to find yourself having to resize the doorset, an undertaking that will most likely result in a less-than-perfect fit and a host of other issues. Returning the doorset to the supplier to get a replacement will also cost you time, effort, and transportation charges.

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2. Wrong Material Choices

Traditionally, wood doors are made from solid wood doors, which can be a great choice but has several disadvantages. First of all, it is very expensive and if you are on a budget, you might want to avoid that. Additionally, solid wood requires a great deal of care and maintenance to preserve its look and feel. On the other hand, there are engineered wood doors that are made from an engineered core of high density fiberboard along with a top layer of hardwood veneers that gives the exact look, feel, and functionality of solid wood. Engineered wood doors are designed specifically to have greater stability and are not affected by changing weather conditions.

3. Buying Leaf and Frame Separately

Buying a leaf and frame separately can present a big headache. You have to visit multiple stores to buy the leaf, frame, hardware, and finishing material. Additionally, it is hard to attain a perfect fit and coherence between the leaf and frame when they are bought separately. Reputable manufacturers such as Mikasa Doors offer factory-fitted doors and frames that are made from the same species of wood and have a matching finish to ensure an excellent fit along with enhanced aesthetics.

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4. Wrong Color and Finish Choices

Color is a major factor that can make or break the look and feel of your decor. It is important to choose the door color according to your decor theme to create coherence. Additionally, you also need to choose the right finish for your door to ensure its stability, strength, and durability. Wood veneers can be a great choice when it comes to wood door finishes. Mikasa Doors gives you the option of premium quality laminates, veneers, and paint for your door surface finish.


Engineered wood doors are durable, stable, and affordable, making them a perfect choice if you are looking for premium wood door designs. Mikasa Doors and Frames from Greenlam Industries opens up your world to an extensive collection of engineered wood doors. Whether you want veneered or laminated door designs, we have what you need. To discuss your requirements, connect with our team at info@mikasadoors.com or simply call 1800 833 0004.