4 Advantages of Installing Teak Wood Doors

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Teak wood is a symbol of luxury and elegance. It represents an ideal way to incorporate an aura of sophistication in your home or workplace. It is naturally strong and has high resistance to the elements, making it one of the most sought-after species for items such as doors which require dimensional stability. Additionally, teak wood main doors make grand entrances which have a regal look, creating a lasting impression on all those who set eyes on them. Continuing on the topic, we present four advantages of using teak wood for your doors.

1. Long Lasting Aesthetic Appeal

The unique grain and color patterns of teak wood make your doors the most alluring feature in your spaces. The sturdiness of teak makes it versatile and allows designers to create a variety of designs, which is not possible with softer woods. Teak’s water resistant properties prevent teak door designs from splintering, permanently giving them a smooth look. The timer has a high level of oil content, making it immune to rot, fungal attacks and blemishes from chemicals and metals, thus retaining the door’s beauty for ages.

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2. High Dimensional Stability

Teak is a hard wood and is greatly robust not only in comparison with soft woods but hard woods as well. The high weight to volume ratio of teak makes teak door frame designs exceptionally strong. Teak contains high quantities of oil and rubber, making teak doors weatherproof and durable. Teak wood doors and door frames retain their dimensions and do not shrink or expand when exposed to moisture.

3. Low Upkeep/Maintenance

Teak wood doors do not require long procedures to maintain their aesthetic appeal. They can simply be wiped down with a cotton cloth to retain their glossy appearance. Their high oil content gives them the highest resistance to decay among all woods and keeps teak doors reliable, sturdy and beautiful. Additionally, doors designed from teak wood do not warp or darken when exposed to metals and harsh chemicals.

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4. Resistance to Weather and Pests

The tight grain of teak is locked in with natural oils and rubber giving it weatherproofing and durability. Teak retains its resilience, ensuring that teak door designs are never susceptible to attacks from fungi, termites, or the effects of exposure to heat and moisture. The insect repellant and weather resistant qualities of teak greatly increase the lifespan of your doors.

The Last Word

Given their high tensile strength, unmatched aesthetic appeal, and durability, teak wood is one of the best materials for door designs for rooms or the main entrances. Mikasa Doors offers premium quality teak wood door designs. Our factory finished door sets come complete with a matching door frame, leaf, and ironmongery, all customized according to your needs. To discuss available door designs for your rooms with our experts, call us at 1800 833 0004, or email info@mikasadoors.com. You can also reach out to us by filling our enquiry form.