3 Reasons to Choose Mikasa for Hospital Doors

Wooden Doors & frame from Mikasa Doors

Mikasa doors are versatile in design and you can find options that offer features like fire-retardance and antibacterial properties, protection against radiation, and low maintenance. This makes them the perfect choice for installation in healthcare facilities and laboratories. Continuing on the subject, we present three reasons to choose Mikasa for your hospital doors. Read on.

1. Fire Retardance

Mikasa fire rated doors and accessories are designed to be part of a facility’s fire protection system. The solution features a fire rated door leaf, frame, and accessories that combine to shield occupants from smoke, prevent or delay the spread of fire, and provide a safe exit in case of a fire emergency. You can choose from a variety of fire-rated doorsets ranging from FD30, FD60 to FD90 and FD120.

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2. Specialty Doorsets

Mikasa offers Specialty doorsets that are perfect for installation in healthcare facilities. They have qualities such as radiation shielding which is suitable for places that experience high levels of radiation, such as some parts of hospitals. They are available with or without vision panels. Speciality doors give optimum levels of sound reduction, which is ideal for working conditions in a hospital.

3. Easy Maintenance

Mikasa doors are easy to install as they come complete with a door leaf and frame. There is no need to resize and the best part is that you get consistency in terms of the finish. Periodic cleaning will suffice to keep the doors in great shape. A soap solution and gentle sponge should be sufficient to clean the surface in the case of a paint finish. The easy maintenance saves time and is budget-friendly without compromising on hygiene. You should remember to avoid using bleach or powder-based cleaners so as to retain the texture of the doorset surface.

Wrap Up

Greenlam Industries prioritises aesthetic beauty, performance, and safety when manufacturing doorsets. We use only the best raw materials to produce premium quality products. Our doorsets enjoy certifications like ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 118001. Mikasa delivers a complete package: a door frame, leaf and accessories to make for a hassle-free installation. Non-fire rated doorsets come with three surfacing options – veneer, laminates, or paint. To know more about available modern wooden doors, call our toll-free number 1800-833-0004 or email to us at info@mikasadoors.com.