3 Key Factors to Choose The Right Interior Doors

Door frame designs for interior from Mikasa Doors

People are getting more decor conscious with each passing day, which has seen the demand for visually appealing interior doors rising significantly. When choosing interior doors, factors such as door design and interior decor theme need to be carefully considered. At the same time, one must pay attention to the functional aspect of an interior door by considering factors such as door leaf & frame compatibility and ease of maintenance. Continuing the discussion, in this post, we discuss in detail the factors to consider to choose the right interior door.

1. Door Leaf & Frame Compatibility

Door leaf and door frame design mismatch is a common issue that people face when they source the two from different vendors. This raises issues such as the need to resize the door leaf according to the size of the door frame. Door leaf & frame compatibility is, therefore, an important factor to be considered when looking for an interior door. To ensure compatibility, easy installation, and a seamless aesthetic, it is advisable to opt for factory-finished doorsets, which consist of a door frame, door leaf and other accessories.

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2. Interior Decor Theme

An interior door is an important element of home decor, which is why you must look for a door that blends well with the interior decor theme of the space where it is to be installed. For instance, if you want to install an interior door for a bedroom that has a subtle overall decor theme, you should choose a bedroom wooden door design that is consistent with your bedroom’s decor. Some people choose to go with a contrasting door color to give their spaces a unique look, which is a great idea, provided the door has something in common with the underlying design theme.

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3. Ease of Maintenance

Maintaining interior doors shouldn’t feel like a chore, which is why you must look for an interior door design that requires minimal maintenance to keep looking its best. Mikasa door design catalogue features doorsets that can simply be wiped with a soft cotton cloth or microfiber to retain their aesthetic appeal. Options such as teak wood doors have a high oil content which makes them highly resistant to decay thereby eliminating the need for frequent repairs and premature replacement.

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