3 Places Where You Can Install Fire Rated Doors

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Fire doors and doorsets play a crucial role in helping prevent fire and smoke from spreading throughout a building. They also help maintain the flow of traffic for building occupants and emergency response personnel. It’s worth noting that these days, most buildings are required to have fire-rated doors in order to comply with the International Building Code (IBC). Having the correct type of fire and smoke protection in place not only keeps residents safe but also helps restrict damage and reduce repair costs. In this blog, we take a look at 3 spaces where you can install fire rated doors.

1. Main Entrance Doors

Fire-rated doors are ideal as main entrance doors in commercial buildings, spaces with high footfall, and villas. They help create a barrier between different sections of the building, which retards and restricts the spread of fire, smoke, and fumes in the event of a fire. This creates enough time for the occupants to evacuate and restrict property damage. They also help compartmentalize the building into different fire safe or evacuation areas.

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2. Entrance to the staircase

When entrances to staircases are equipped with fire protection doors, it adds an extra degree of protection to occupants in the event of a fire. Given that fire doors delay the spread of fire and toxic fumes, installing them at staircase entrances/Exit helps ensure that people on different levels of the building can safely evacuate in the event of a fire.

3. Hallway

Some buildings, such as hospitals and schools, often have particular regulations that call on the installation of fire exit doors in areas such as hallways. During a fire outbreak, the hallways are more likely to get overcrowded as people rush to exit points. In such a situation, if the fire is not slowed down, it can quickly spread to the hallways, which can lead to high casualties. Installing fire doors and doorsets in hallways would not only slow down the spread of fire but also keep the smoke away to promote a safe evacuation process.

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