3 Fire Rated Doorsets Surfacing Materials to Uplift Your Interior

Fire doors and doorsets from Mikasa Doors

Fire doors primarily serve to save lives by preventing the spread of fire. Consequently, building regulations for multi-story commercial and residential spaces mandate their installation in every stairway. Fire doors form a barrier to protect the building’s escape route, ensuring the safe exit of occupants in case of emergencies. These doors also assist in firefighting activities by forming a seal that restricts the amount of oxygen feeding the fire. However, modern fire exit doors are not only functional, but can also be aesthetically appealing with the use of different types of surfacing materials. If you’re looking for functional and beautiful fire-rated doorsets, Mikasa Doors is your go-to brand. In this blog, we present three surfacing materials for fire-rated doors that can uplift your interior.

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Laminates are created by pressing thin layers of kraft paper together under high heat and pressure, making them a highly durable and versatile surfacing material. Their heat, moisture, and scratch-resistant properties make them hard to destruct and provide protection against wear and tear. Laminate-coated fire doors are highly durable and offer a modern and stylish look.

Decorative Veneer

Veneer is a thin layer of sheet extracted from the bark of trees. The veneer is bonded with a suitable substrate (MDF, plywood, or any other material) under high heat and pressure to form a sustainable surfacing material. Reputable brands like Mikasa Doors source wood veneers from exotic trees around the globe to provide a unique and elegant appeal to surfaces. The use of decorative veneer on fire doors’ surfaces protects them from warping and provides the warmth of nature.

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Paint is a popular and economical surfacing material compared to laminates and decorative veneers. A wide range of color options is available in the market to cater to various decor needs. However, not all types of paints are suitable for fire-rated doors. Oil-based paints are easily combustible, so they cannot be used. Mikasa fire doors are coated with fire retardant paint, which slows down fire expansion and provides a glossy and standard look to enhance the appeal of your interior.

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