3 Charming Wood Species that You Can Choose For Your Bedroom Door

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A door is one of the most important considerations when designing a bedroom. While the door design needs to blend with the rest of the home decor, it can still maintain its uniqueness in a variety of aspects. Wooden bedroom doors are a popular choice owing to the numerous advantages that the natural material brings to the table. Given the abundance of different wood species that are used to manufacture engineered wooden doors, it can be difficult to choose one that goes well with your decor. In this blog, we are going to look at 3 charming wooden door species that you can choose for your bedroom.

1. Walnut

Walnut is frequently referred to as “American timber.” It’s one of the few kinds of wood that feature a deep, chocolate-brown color (sometimes also with purple undertones), which works well in a variety of design themes. Walnut is a great choice of wooden bedroom door for a colonial-type home with vintage furnishings or a minimalistic design that needs the introduction of a little warmth. It’s a distinctive wood species with a grain that frequently exhibits spiral and circular patterns. Walnut is also an energy-efficient material that helps insulate your spaces in addition to upscale aesthetic beauty. It does not readily absorb moisture, which helps to prevent warping and shrinkage.

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2. Teak

When it comes to choosing bedroom door designs in wood, teak is one of the all-time favorites, courtesy to its exquisite polish and aesthetic appeal. It is available in a variety of rich color tones and textures that set it apart from other wood species. Teak wood is extremely long-lasting, dependable, sturdy, and resistant to dampness and termites. Its natural appearance makes it an excellent choice for basic and intricate designs that blend in with the surrounding architecture and interiors.

3. Oak

When it comes to wooden bedroom door designs, oak is yet another brilliant choice. Oak is a robust, durable wood species. It is an excellent insulator and offers superior soundproofing, making it suitable for use in every room of the house apart from the bedroom. Oak is also popular because of its distinctive tiger-like striping wood grain. The hue of oak is a pale tan with yellowish undertones. Its natural tone can give your spaces a “cool” vibe, which is perfect for minimalistic decor. If you are looking for a wooden bedroom door that introduces a little more warmth, you can never go wrong with oak, as it works well with several colored stains as it is less porous and denser than other wood species.

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