3 Care and Maintenance Tips for your Interior Doors

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Interior doors are one of the most aesthetic and functional aspects of your decor. They make your house secure, enhance the flow of design, and improve the connectivity between rooms. While choosing the right interior door design and colour scheme is a good starting point, it just doesn’t stop there. One must also follow up with a timely care and maintenance regime to ensure that your doors look pristine and well-kempt. To help you understand the essentials of care and maintenance for interior doors, we’ve put together a simple guide consisting of three must-know tips. Read on to learn how you can keep your real engineered wood doors shiny, new and long-lasting.

Clean Regularly

Advances in technology have allowed manufacturers to create a high-performance and low-maintenance variant of solid wood doors known as real engineered wood doors. Unlike solid wood interior doors, engineered doors are moisture resistant and less prone to damage from humidity and wear. Cleaning and maintenance of real engineered wood doors is fairly simple; they come with a stable core and a finishing option such as veneer, laminate or solid paint. Solid wood doors are porous in nature and need wood wax to preserve their shine; however, engineered wood doors are non-porous and don’t require wood waxes or polishes. A simple wipe down with a damp cloth dipped in a solution of mild soap and water is sufficient to ensure a shiny and an appealing interior door.

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Inspect Seals and Hinges

Improperly fitted or loose seals and hinges can result in poor installation of your door and lead to further damage. A simple visual inspection can help you discover any discrepancies such as worn out hinges or seals. Worn down hinges need to be replaced for better safety and security. Check if the hinges are fitted appropriately or if they need to be tightened. See if all the seals are intact without any breaks in between. A simple dusting with a dry cloth can help you clean any dust build-up around the seals. Make it a point to inspect seals and hinges of your interior doors once every few months.

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Ensure Proper Functioning of Handles and Locks

Over time, handles and locks tend to suffer from the effects of wear and result in poor locking mechanisms. Make it a point to check the functioning of all the doors, handles and locks in your house once every six months. To check the door handle, gently move it back and forth like you normally would, and examine if the locking mechanism occurs smoothly. Sounds such as creaks or squeaks are warning signs that must not be ignored. Consult a professional and replace the locks and handles if you find any signs of repair or poor functioning.

Wrap Up

Clean and well-maintained doors project a positive outlook and help you make a good first-impression on your guests. Create a simple cleaning regime consisting of dusting, cleaning with a wet cloth followed by an inspection of seals, hinges, handles, and locks. If you’re looking for a high-performance interior door, your search ends at Mikasa. You can find a wide range of real engineered wood doors with surface finish options such as laminate, veneers and paint. To explore our exhaustive collection of engineered wood door designs including teak wood main door designs and more, connect with the Mikasa team at info@mikasadoors.com or simply call 1800 833 0004.