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5 Reasons to Upgrade to Mikasa Engineered Wood Doors

Non fire rated doors & accessories from Mikasa Doors in India

A door is the entrance to the world of the people behind it, and therefore, must be chosen with care. Moreover, different types of doors are designed with different things in mind. Bedroom and bathroom doors, for instance, protect your privacy, whereas fire rated doorsets are designed to contain the spread of fire in case of an outbreak. Whether the need is tied to your home or workplace, engineered wood doors represent a safe choice. To validate the notion, we present five undeniable reasons to upgrade to premium engineered wood doors from Mikasa. Take a look. 1. Perfectly Matched Door…

A Simple Guide on Door Frame Types

Wooden Door frame types With Mikasa Doors

While everyone acknowledges the criticality of doors, not many pay enough heed to frames, which is actually quite surprising. That’s because frames are as important, if not more, as the doors, when it comes to the overall appeal and resilience of the doorset. It is, therefore, important to know about the different door frame types available in the market. Continuing on the subject, in this blog post, we have presented an overview of the options you have. Take a look. Open Door Frames Open door frames are usually used with indoor doors and have the most simple construction. In open…