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Wood Doorsets: Safety You Need, Beauty You Desire

Engineered wooden doors sets in India from Mikasa Doors

When you’re planning a residential or commercial project, or need to upgrade an existing structure, it goes without saying that you would want the property to make a great impression. Though there is no dearth of options, no matter whether you are looking for fire rated or non fire rated doorsets, taking your pick can be confusing. That is the reason why, in this blog, we present an overview of the things to consider when buying wood doorsets. Read on. Selecting a Type During your search for the perfect doors, you may find some natural-wood doors that have been treated…

What Makes Engineered Wooden Doors the Right Choice for Your Home

Engineered wooden doors in India from Mikasa Doors

The doors play a key role in creating the first impression of your home. Choosing the right doors can a touch of unique sophistication and elegance to your abode, standing as an apt prelude to what lies behind them. While engineered wooden doors offer a great option for people to manifest unique decor inspirations, misconceptions such as high maintenance and the need for regular polishing often discourage buyers. So, to help clear the smokescreen, in this blog post, we unravel how engineered wooden doors have brought about a paradigm shift in the world of decor, and all that makes them…

Hardwood or Engineered Wooden Doors: Which Way to Go?

Engineered Wooden Doors in India | Mikasa Doors

Engineered wooden doors are an excellent alternative to hardwood doors, as they offer technical superiority while mimicking the look and feel of hardwood. Though the exteriors of hardwood and engineered wood doors look the similar, their cores are completely different. While hardwood doors are constructed by joining several pieces of wood to give rise to a single door, engineered wooden doors are built by pressing multiple layers of timber to form a 3-layer monolithic core. Later, veneer is applied to the outer surfaces and lipping is done to fix the edges. The distinctions in the interior composition of engineered wood…